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Monday Thoughts ( + The Lilly Sale) ...

Another great weekend on the books, I am truly loving taking time off of social media and truly just relaxing, organizing, and spending time with my family on the weekend.  This will now be a permanent thing, which I love.  Not that I wasn't all in with family before, but somehow I felt like I needed to document weekends, which was truly silly.  Stepping away from my phone on the weekends has been a gift and one I will keep. If you haven't tried it I highly suggest it.  So refreshing.  I also have now set aside Sundays to regroup around the house and organize for the week and the anxiety I have had for years on Mondays is slowly fading away.  I think we have found the recipe for a great week over here. I highly recommend it. 

So ... Happy Monday to you and yours.  I have some fun things to share ... so refill that coffee if you will and lean in. 😉

Tv ... we watched three things this weekend and I was hooked by all of them.  On Saturday the Hubs and I watched Only Murders In The Building and are in love.  We caught up so tomorrow we will be ready for the next episode.  I love all the actors and how complicated they are and I am in to their apartments.  They are sooo good, and did you pause to take in Nathan Lane's apartment.  I love this show.  On Sunday I watched two things ... The Housewife + The Hustler (holy shiz.  I am speechless and so very sad after that one) and also Cruella, which was incredible.  Nathan watched part of the Housewife documentary with me and kept leaving the room as he was so uncomfortable.  As an attorney to take the money you have secured for people who have been devastated is unfathomable to him.  It was a hard watch for sure, so we rounded it out with Cruella which is just so very good.  I highly recommend both the movie and the Hulu series which drops episodes on Tuesdays. 

If you are into the sets like I am on OMTB ... here is a great article on the sets and more in depth on the lead characters. It's so good

I snagged a few things last week ... a new nap dress (navy! and always size down), some Thrive eye shadow sticks (I love the mascara!!), and the best game sweater!!  I will report back on each.  The game sweater arrived just in time for me to wear it Saturday and I love it!!  I have the Gators one ... and they are each so cute!  For a full selection check the website, I love all the sweaters!! 

One of my favorite things I got recently after debating them for-ever was this pair of heels.  I chose the lower one and I can not tell you how comfortable these shoes are.  I understand the hype completely and they are darling with both dresses and jeans.  I can not tell you how much I love them, I will be wearing them way too much for the foreseeable future. And yes, they are worth every single penny, they are immensely comfortable. I have talked about buying more expensive shoes before and I will say it again. Sometimes you need to buy the more expensive shoe instead of trying to buying four that may fit ok ... get the one that will last and fits perfectly. 

I didn't think I was going to cave on the clog trend, but these ... just maybe

Have you shopped the fall items out now at Trader Joes?  My friend Nicole and I did last week and I can tell you it was so fun shopping with her.  I don't love fall, but she loves it and seeing her excitement definitely rubbed off some.  I got some super yummy things I can share in stories, and my husband will tell you the Pumpkin Biscotti is the bomb.  I love seeing him grab one with each of his cups of coffee. I clearly need more.  

Jupiter, Florida ... many years ago

I mentioned on Instagram that my Father In Law is sick and he isn't going to get better.  It is so hard to see someone sick that his been such a pinnacle person in your life. I think about the almost year he lived with us and how much I learned from being with him daily.  He is the kindest and most loyal human I have ever known.  He loves Jesus and is so committed to Him. These past few weeks have torn a hole in my heart. My brother in law and sister in law come every Sunday to see him and yesterday my oldest went as well. We covet your prayers for us and for his peace. I have had some times that I just can't write and that will continue to come as I process the grief even before he is gone.  💗

I almost forgot ... today is the Lilly Pulitzer Summer sale ... and the prices are crazy good ... you will want to shop and check it out.  I always snag leggings (the best) + swim (seriously so good) + sweaters + some new hats!  This year I want both of the shirt dresses ... because they are that good!  Here you are, every single piece on my radar!! (linked below for you!)

I hope your Monday is truly magical, snag a piece of fall if you haven't already and truly lean all in to September, I am definitely trying!!🍁

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