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The 'Easiest" Cheese Board

Since Mandy Rye created her Build Your Own Cheese + Charcuterie Board I have wanted it.  It is such a great piece, its long and its marked with for the placement for cheese (and which kinds), meats, vehicles (for your cheese and meat), nuts, fruit, and extras.  Basically ... it's a fail safe way to create a fantastic charcuterie board.  A week or so ago I took advantage of Waiting On Martha Home's buy more, save more sale and snagged the board and a number of other amazing things to be able to create amazing boards all fall.  I immediately came home and gathered all of my favorite cheeses + fruits and extras and put together a small, but delicious dinner for us.  I added a slice of pie for dessert (I am doing my best to lean all the way into fall) and it was the easiest, and best dinner outside for the four of us.  

Yes please. 

Let me give you all my tips (and those I can share from Mandy) to make this board truly work for you.  It is truly one of the best pieces I own and will be gifting it to all my besties for Christmas. Like I said it is large and marked with all of the tools you will need ... my friend killed it with the design of this board and I can not believe I waited so long to snag it. I bought the board, some paper runners, a pack of papers leaves, some drink stirrers, and a few other happies.  It was a great morning and if you are local and have never been to WOM Home you must go. (ps ... none of this is sponsored, but if it was my thoughts would be exactly the same!!)

Use the paper runners to either run the length of your table ... or you could run them the width of the table, I would use two ... or you could do both and layer more than one color.  How fun!  I snagged the blue gingham and the orange gingham.  I then put the paper leaves under the board for even more layers.  This was a simple dinner ... just us so the board was not as packed as I would make it if we were feeding more and hosting friends. 

Then add in cheese.  For this board I used two ... one soft and one hard.  I love using Tillamook (so many fun varieties) + Unexpected Cheedar (Trader Joes) + Sweet Grass Dairy Green Hill.  The Unexpected Cheedar is nutty and salty and crumbles some.  I love it so.  I would pair it with Tillamook Medium Cheddar or the Extra sharp to vary the flavors.  You can grab it at your market ... or you can order online.  Same with the Green Hill.  It is sooo good and I love it both savory and sweet toppings.  I topped it with rosemary and honey because it is what I had.  The blueberry preserves was perfect with it.  I prefer Bonne Maman, their flavors are just sooo good.  We have at least four in the house at all times.  I used Wild Blueberry ... but also love using Blackberry, Four Fruits, and Apricot.  You can not go wrong with any flavor! 

After you place your cheese add your meats.  I use pepperoni, hard salami, and on this day prosciutto wrapped mozzarella.  I have all of these on hand almost always as they all make a great pairing for cheese snacks and a "lunchable" style lunch. The board Mandy made to share uses all three of these meats, but uses the prosciutto on its own. They are easy meats to find, keep on hand, and seem to be crowd pleasers. 

Add on your vehicles (crackers, pita, sliced bread, flatbread ... anything you love), plus fun items (I added potato chips), nuts, and fruit.  I only had cantaloupe, but I would add sliced apples and berries for fall.  Sliced pears would be so good as well ... and definitely bring the fall vibes. Mandy sprinkled her apples with cinnamon or nutmeg and I think that is an excellent suggestion. 🍎

When I create boards I like to add bowls to create height.  Vintage and antique pieces are perfect for this need and they add such character to the board.  I left my preserves in the jar but it would have been so pretty in this blue and white Spode bowl and then I could have used a small Revere bowl for nuts.  Add spoons + spreaders so your grazers can assist themselves. I love using fun spoons and spreaders and this is another great way to incorporate vintage pieces and most definitely beautiful sterling.

I did not fill my board as well as I could have, but remember it was only for four people. For more I would fill it way more than this ... and layer it.  But you get the idea, you start small and then pack it in.  Still I would stick to three cheese, three meats, nuts, one jam, I would add two fruits, and then add in fun items and seasonal items. This board makes it so easy to get started and know where to place your pieces. 

In the small amount of time I pulled this together I think it is amazing.  Let's be clear ... it's the magic of the board.  It tells you exactly where to place every single thing and makes amazing suggestions.  I can not recommend it enough, this will be my gift of the year!

I do recommend adding in something sweet and fun for dessert for two reasons.  One if you serve them dessert you can call this a meal, and I always love something sweet following all the salty treats.  I would choose something seasonal since we are leaning into fall I chose pecan pie.  I did not bake it, but chose to let the experts do it and it was already pre sliced so it looks incredible plated.  Plates are also were I love to play around.  Vintage and antique pieces are so good for this addition as well.  These plates I found as a set of twelve and are happily on their way to their new home.  Aren't the colors just stunning??!

Last, but certainly not least, add in a fun drink.  This evening was tequila + tonic but I highly recommend the fall drink below.  It is so good and you can add the ginger liqueur to the apple cider before hand as a punch and then just add in your guests favorite mixer.  Of course mine for this would be bourbon.  If you have a mixed crowd I would suggest using ginger beer and then all ages can partake but the adults can add in a spirit. 

How cute is this graphic??   My friend Nicole made it for our Live event tomorrow evening ... I would love for you to join us!!  Tomorrow, September 15th at 6 pm EST.  Come one, come all!!

Happy Tuesday ... anyone else craving cheese and a yummy drink

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  1. The dishes you used are so pretty. Love the plates and that blue and white footed bowl holding the nuts is fabulous.



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