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A Great Trench ...

I love a trench coat ... it's the perfect "I need a light coat for wind and rain" + a great accessory.  A good trench fits well, buttons well (everything lays flat) and folds up well allowing you to wear it and store it in your car without wrinkles.  I have a solid one I snagged a few years ago but this one is truly so very me.  I popped into the store to return a dress and there it was hanging next to the counter.  I swapped that dress for this coat and the rest is history. 

I think my favorite thing about wearing a trench coat is how lightweight they are.  It is a completely different experience from wearing a jacket or a long coat, both of which can be very heavy.  A trench is light weight, crisp, and protects you both from the rain and a great cool breeze.  You can layer them over a great stripe tee or a thin sweater.  I find it perfect to keep in the car for days like this one where it was raining on and off and even better for days when the temperature drops and you weren't prepared.  Like I said before you can fold it up and sit it on the back seat and then it's ready to go when you need it. 

This is a great go to outfit for me.  These jeans are super comfy (and the ends need a trim) but do run large so size down which I did not do.  As you can see, mine are a bit big on me ... but that just increases the comfort level for me. This top is perfect for stripe lovers which I am a card carrying member of that club for sure. It is lightweight and easy to layer under things, most currently a trench coat.  I swear by Stubbs & Wooton in the fall and winter.  They are so comfortable and the velvet is so good for the fall. Stubbs are expensive ... and I search for mine on either eBay or The Real Real and buy pairs that are either never worn or worn once or twice and still look incredible. This pair is an eBay score for me, they were hardly worn at all and I got them for half the price.  

Speaking of Stubbs ... they currently have a number of great pairs on sale you should check out.  This is another great day of snagging a great pair of shoes at a fraction of their full price ticket. I have my eye on two pairs, which means it would be a buy one get one free since they are currently half price on sale.  And to be honest ... this is the only way I buy my Stubbs.  It is just the only way for me to do it. 

Back to the adorable trench ... I suggest you check it out, it is so cute and won't last long. 

Happy Thursday ... 

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