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My Favorite Cold Weather Drink

I will cop to the fact that I do not care for pumpkin spice.  I do not like the smell of it, the taste of it, or sadly, the hype it gets this time of year.  I do, however, love all things pumpkin.  The second the air changes and it gets cold in the fall I want all of the pumpkin things.  I buy pumpkin bread, muffins, soup, cookies and we eat them on repeat.  You will not find me ordering a PSL ... I have to say I just do not like them.  

But ... this time of year I am absolutely a fan of a great Honey Almond Latte.  The first one I ever ordered was at Nordstrom (they make the best) and since that time I worked on my recipe to make them at home.  With just a few ingredients I have found they are as good, or sometimes even better, than the one at the store.  

I am including the recipe here for you, I hope you will try it for yourself ... it is so very, very good. 

Happy, happy Monday!

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