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Our Bedroom Refresh ... It's Done!

As you know I have been working on our primary bedroom for a few months, every single thing takes so much longer these days. I am so excited to share we have all of our custom bed linens back from the Upholstery Spa and it is even better than I imagined. 

Let's go back and catch up a bit. 

We got a new and incredible bed at the beginning of the summer.  We currently have carpet in our bedroom and I was hoping we would have hardwood floors installed before the bed arrived.  However, it was not an option for a number of reasons. So, we decided to push forward with the rest of the room and will just have to move it all out when it is time to get the floors installed.  So, with that plan we moved in our new bed (I can't tell you enough how much we love it) and I went to work outfitting it with new linens and some custom pieces.  Our walls are chocolate brown and we have a lot of green + white in the room and that did not change. Since the old bed was taller our bed skirt no longer worked and I replaced our old duvet that matched the bed skirt. That means I bought a new duvet + two king shams and then we had three custom euro shams made.  

When I hung new curtains in the dining room (estate sale score!) I had left over fabric ... so I used it for the front of the euro shams and also as the bed skirt on our bed.  The lot of curtains, bed skirt and extra fabric I score was only $150 and I vowed to use every single strip of it.  I loved the pattern so very much and it was something I knew I would use up no matter where it would be.  Yes, it is in both dining room and our bedroom and I could not love the idea more.  Remember, it's your house so do whatever makes you happy. 

For our euro shams I had them made with one fabric on the front and another on the back.  I also had them use the back of the panels that were left to make a ruffle.  I love them.  I can flip the shams and get two looks for one, or I can leave them as they are with the leopard on the back and just enjoy the peeks of the leopard if I want.  Pro tip, if you want your shams to be super stuffed make sure you order the pillows to be 2 inches bigger in size.  So if your shams are 24x24 get the inserts that are 26x26.

This is my first purchase of Ballard Designs bolt fabric and I loved using it.  I happened to find it at the outlet in on sale which made it even more fun.  I snagged about 4 yards of this velvet + the same of this leopard. I have only part of the leopard fabric and have not yet touched the velvet, so I have some fun things I can do with that one.  I will definitely use their fabric again, it was so easy to buy, use and store for later.  The best part about having both the store and outlet in town is that I can see and touch everything but if we did not I would have ordered fabric samples which is another great option.  I definitely think you need to see fabric in person before buying it. 

One thing I did not change and will not touch is our sheets.  I happened upon these sheets a few years ago for our guest room and after sleeping on them one night I decided that all the beds in the house needed them.  They are so comfy and easy to make the bed ... and the channel edge makes me so happy. They are monogrammed in the guest room but I have not taken ours to have them done.  We only have one set and we wash them and put them right back on the bed so there is no time to take them to the monogrammer.  But ... when I switch to flannel sheets (did you see this gingham set?)this year I will have them done.  I swear by these sheets, we really love them. I have the white in every bedroom. 

I am sure I will tweak a little here and there with throw pillows but its exactly the way I want it right now and we absolutely love how it turned out.  I swapped out the vintage silhouettes that were above our bed for my favorite plates and then added vintage artwork, also from an estate sale, to the space above our side tables.  I love the addition of the orange and other colors in the plates.  You know me, I love all the color and mixing all the patterns. 

Happy Tuesday! 💚


  1. I love the fabrics,I am left wanting more though. Why no shots of the entire room. Also you call this your primary bedroom and I wonder do you have a secondary that you use?

    1. Primary is now the preferred term as "master" isn't PC



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