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My Favorites ... Bed + Bath

This year when it comes to gift guides I have decided to do it a little bit different.  I always struggle with choosing things from various lists and various retailers, small and large, and trying to put together a list of items that I would love to gift.  I have decided to go about it a little different and instead share with you my favorite things I own and gift and give you some ideas on how to pair and gift them.  I am intentional with gifts and I think this is a better fit for me that massive gift guides.  Every single item on this favorites list, and the ones to come, are things I own, buy again and again and gift to others.  I will not be checking stores for things I think would be a good gift, but instead will be sharing what I swear by, own and love, and how I would gift it.  And to go a step further I would suggest you write a card, let your receiver know why you chose it for them and what your thoughts were in choosing the gift.  I can promise you a handwritten note with your thoughts about why they are important to you, why you chose the item, and how you thought it would bring joy to their life will mean so very much. 

To begin I chose my favorites for the bedroom and bathroom since this is the place we all spend the most of our time.  I will then create one for the kitchen + the den, travel, beauty, the office, and anything else that comes to mind.  The best part about these favorites lists is that they should be timeless and can work for any holiday or gift giving need.  They are truly my favorites, what I own and love, and what I would gift time and time again. 

So to begin ... my favorites from my bedroom + bathroom ...  

Good + clean candle ... this candle in any scent, marine being my favorite. The holiday scents are truly so good. I love a great candle paired with a fun pack of matches and I think these matches are a great go to for pairing. If you want a great candle from a small business I would suggest you shop Southern Bungalow Co., they are fantastic. 

Fresh flowers in beautiful vases ... this is by far my favorite vase to give and to own.  I own the white one but you can not go wrong with any color at all, it comes in clear, green, pink, blue, aqua and amber.  My other go to for vases are these monogrammed mint julep cups.  I have four of them and I use them for roses next to the beds when we have guests.  I love that a mint julep cup is sooo useful and truly so versatile.  They can use them for cocktails, to hold roses, or even to hold makeup brushes on their vanity.  I highly recommend. 

Great sheets ... my favorite sheets (they are on all our beds) are these.  I own the white, but I think the blue are stunning.  If you want a set of flannel sheets, these are my favorite.  I own the gingham and the white is also a solid choice. 

Cozy blanket ... this blanket is such a great one for any size bed.  We have the cream on all our beds and it serves as an extra layer in the winter and a perfect cover for the summer. 

Great towels ... I own a number of different towels but my favorite are made by Weezie.  We have a number of them and I truly do prefer them over any other we have.  I think this pack is a great place to start and if you are buying towels for guests I would suggest the bath sheets.  The edges and the monogram are truly the best part. 

Makeup towels ... also my favorites are from Weezie and they are so fun to give as gifts. 

Pajamas ... I am a true lover of pajamas and have quite a number of them.  I purchase them from one of three companies.  Hands down the softest pairs I own are from Lake.  I really like the long, long and also the short, long. The gowns are newer and are also a great option.  With Lake they hold up so well and the are the softest pjs I have ever found. Second, I am a collector of great sets from J.Crew and a new convert to Print Fresh

Slippers ... I have heard my dad rave about his slippers for years and then last year I got my first pair.  They are magical and once you own these you can not go back. My girl tried to snag mine last year after putting them on her feet once and I told her it would not go well if she took them. 😉 If you are looking for a different kind of slipper I would recommend these.  I had them for years and they were great before I knew anything about the Wicked Good Slippers. Each year the J.Crew version are a different slew of patterns, I think mine were gold one year and plaid many others. 

Sleep mask ... I wish I loved to sleep with a sleep mask, but I haven't been able to master it.  I have family and friends who swear by them.  These are the ones I buy and gift and everyone seems to adore them. 

Water cup ... I love keeping a cup of ice water with me, if I don't I find myself dehydrated as I will choose coffee and tea over water any chance I get.  This is the cup I have and love. My girl has one too and has named hers Jeffrey. 

Coffee cup ... I have a huge coffee cup collection, so much so that my husband thinks it is sort of ridiculous.  That being said I think I can tell you which ones to choose.  These are beautiful to use and to own, and if you want something more fun I would choose either this one or this one.  I have all of these. If you want to spend a little more I recommend the Ember ... it keeps your coffee hot the entire time you are drinking it and is my bedroom luxury. 

Coffee maker in the bathroom ... I have a small Keurig in our bathroom and it is the most luxurious thing I own.  Not because it is fancy but because on mornings I can sleep a smidge I can make a cup and slide back into bed.  I can also use it to make tea before bed ... I can't recommend it enough. I have this one

Great throw blanket ... we have two chairs at the end of our bed for reading, needlepoint, and watching tv.  I always feel a little cozier with a throw over me.  This one is my favorite.  It is so soft and comes in a number of colors.  I think we own three to be honest.  One in our bedroom, one in the den, and my girl has one. 

Devotional ... I read this one and really think it is far superior to the others I own.  I have recommended it so much and bought it as gifts many time.  It is just that good. 

Razor ... we all own these and I swear by them.  They give such a close shave and you get refills via mail.  I purchased a second one to leave in my travel bag, it is the best razor.  For shave gel I swear by and use this one exclusively and have for years.  It is thick and a little goes a long way. 

Body wash ... I have been using Necessaire for over a year and really, really like it.  I use the body wash, body exfoliator, lotion and even the deodorant.  These sets make the best gifts and every one I have gifted them to has absolutely raved about them. 

Hair brush ... this is the best brush made, if you don't own it I recommend you add it to your wish list.  

Hair ties ... I swear by these and most definitely if you pull your hair back while you sleep.  They do not pull and do not leave a bump. 

Robe ... once again I defer to Weezie.  I think this one is just so pretty.  I have my eyes on this one too as it is my favorite pajama pattern.  I think a robe needs to be cozy and thick enough to keep you warm when you get out of the shower and to wear over your pajamas when you are amongst others. 

For gift ideas I love the following pairings ... 

Devotional + candle + coffee cup

Throw + candle + great book

Robe + make up towels 
(they come as a pack of two so you can split them up)

Brush + hair ties

Coffee mug + body wash set

Razor + body wash set

Pajamas + devotional

Throw blanket + slippers

Bed blanket + candle

Candle + matches + devotional

Make up towels + a great face wash 
(one set of towels + two face wash = two gifts)

Water cup + devotional

Gift certificate to a book store + throw blanket

Set of sheets

Bed blanket + candle + matches

Stay tuned for the next favorites list ... 


  1. Paige,
    Where is the Christmas wrapping paper from?

  2. Where did you get the canvas for your needlepoint bathroom?

  3. Thank you for this format! I've already purchased a Christmas present ... the earliest ever!

  4. I have been looking for a new throw! Just bought two!



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