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Fall Alfresco

This time of year I crave to be outside.  I think its the thought that in just a few months it will be too cold and more undesirable to be outside and yet now the weather in the evening is just perfect and crisp and begs for alfresco moments.  As much as I fight summer ending I do love fall once I really give into it.  I am planning a pumpkin carving next weekend ... so I am already thinking of setting a table to carve pumpkins, what to serve, and what I want it to look like.  We only have one week left of pre-Halloween and then it will be just full on fall with all the leaves changing and the time I crave to be outside in the evening will just grow. 

Although these images are from a Friendsgiving I hosted last year they are still perfect for planning next weekend.  The recipe for hosting outside is about the same ... make it simple, yet festive.  Add blankets in case your guests (and you) get chilly, pick a yummy drink you can make ahead and then pick an easy meal so you can spend time together.  

Easy enough, don't you think?

I love a darling festive paper plate for eating outside in the fall ... and these were a fun score at Homegoods.  Paper Spode plates??, keep it coming!  This year I found a cute pumpkin one and then I plan to serve Walking Tacos so it will be easy to keep that mess to a minimum.  Plus ... who doesn't love a taco you can serve in a bag of chips?  You can find that recipe here

I shop Homegoods a lot and get a lot of questions about little items I style our entertaining and coffee bars with ... and the answer is always the same, Homegoods.  I find they have the best and most inexpensive cute items to add festive decor and paper products to your decor. Plus ... paper means no clean up at all!

This "table cloth" is actually a another Homegoods score, and even though it was a smidge small for the table, it was perfect.  I paired it with more plaid and then blankets, our copper mugs, and ball jars for water and iced tea. It really is simple and yet I love it so.

Here is the recipe for a yummy punch which you can make ahead and then add spirits to when you serve it.  I like making a punch because it is festive and they are easy to change for the season, but also they are so good for a mixed crowd.  Any age can drink and enjoy punch and then you just let your guests add their spirits. 

Writing this has me wanting to host something this Sunday ... so I may just do so.  Maybe chili and all the fixings, best friends, and bourbon with a fire pit.  Sounds so good and I may have to pull it together asap. 

Have the best weekend ... 

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