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Christmas Dreaming

Don't misunderstand
... it is not decorating time yet, but I am very much in planning mode. I love to make lists and plan it out weeks before the tree comes up from the basement and gets dolled up from head to toe.  For a number of  years I decorated two trees, one in the dining room and one in the den, and then last year we just had the one in the den.  I loved it and will do the same, but ... I also see a small one in my office, and quite possibly a skinny one in the foyer. I haven't decided on the last bit yet, but I am thinking about it while staring at the entry and thinking it might need something different this year.  I usually decorate the banister of the stairs and add a few extra touches and this year, with a new and taller dresser, I may add a thin tree decked out in lights and bows.  We shall see, but it is definitely the way I am leaning. 

Or I could use my vintage gold one in the foyer and a pink one in my office?  Oh, that would be just darling!!  #excited

Since I am decorating in all plaid for Thanksgiving I am leaning toward a lighter palate for Christmas. I was grabbed a sweater + headband from the mall last week and happened upon the most darling advent calendar by Susannah Garrod.  The second I saw it I knew it would be my inspiration for this year's decorations.  I have some perfect large balls for the tree in the two colors I would need and now it is just to add a few things to the list and it will be perfect.  I love planning for Christmas, it feels like a big party that I spend weeks thinking about attending.  And this year I am over the moon excited about the plan. 

So, before I start adding and you all want to know where things are from I thought I would go ahead and give you sources for my finds.  They will likely sell out so you have all the time to plan ahead if you, too, think they are magical. First I found the advent calendar with its pinks, greens, leopards and adorned details and then I found so many other darling things.  I am linking all of the items for you here, and will refer back to this post when asked after the house is decorated.  I hope you love it all as much as I do when I see it pulled together.  

I think it will be magical

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