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How To Set A Beautiful Table

I am so very excited to be included with some fabulously talented bloggers to share with you our tips and tricks for setting a beautiful table.  I love setting a table, in fact, so much more than making the actual meal.  Luckily for my family my husband loves to cook.  For me its the pairing of the linens, the china, the little details all while thinking of the people who will be sitting at the table. When we sit down at the table the first thing I think of is how it will look.  I think its part of the excitement for me. 

Without any further chit chat from me, I give you the amazing post and all of our tips and tricks.  Cameron Jones Interiors writes a lovely blog ... and of course, has beautiful work.  I suggest after you read the post and pin all the images you love that you get lost in her Instagram feed.  It is truly so lovely. 

Thank you Cameron for inviting me and pairing me with such talent.  I am absolutely thrilled to be included. If you aren't aware of the other girls featured you are in for a true treat.  I suggest you check out the feeds of Lauren Sakalarios, C.J. Swank, and Paige Kontrafouri.  I would do it at a time where you can really dive in, each of them is oh so talented!

Happy Tuesday ...  

Images by Angie Webb Photography

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