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Falling Into November

Anyone else need a moment?  What the heck, how is it NOVEMBER?? What happened to August and the remainder of the months until now. It feels as if it flew by but when I look at photos from July I feel like it was a lifetime ago. For us we hit the ground running the second we came home from family vacation and returned on August 1.  First it was volleyball tryouts, then an injury, two doctors, then school started, then rehab and games, then she could play, then another worse injury, more doctors, more rehab, more games, playoffs, then they lost state in the first round and then two weeks of catching my breath and now its November.  Also, that was the longest and worst run on sentence I have ever written. I swear I was just celebrating her birthday in September mere weeks ago. 

Time is a true thief

So now that November is here, I need to fully embrace fall.  I will dismantle (sniff) all the Halloween items tonight and then start sharing and planning fall tables. I have a bucket list of fall items I want to get done, more apples + definitely some leaf peeping, before Thanksgiving.  We are close enough to Highlands, North Carolina to make a quick day trip to soak in all the beauty of the leaves and I really want to make it happen. Our leaves here in Georgia are just now beginning to change and they are stunning, I can't even imagine what they look like two hours from here. 

Some fall things I can recommend ... 

Buy a fire pit.  Ours isn't fancy, here it is, but it's so fun to pull out

Taco soup, make it in bulk - it's that good. 

Tomato soup, make it also in bulk and make grilled cheese you can cut into croutons to float

Walking Tacos, perfect for gatherings and crowds

Some delish fall meals for you to try. 

Fall movies ... 

You've Got Mail
Sweet Home Alabama
Little Women
The Blindside
When Harry Met Sally
Knives Out
Dead Poets Society
Remember The Titans

If you have any recommendations for me to add, send them over!

Have a great start to the new month!!

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