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Cody Foster Christmas Houses

I absolutely love vintage Christmas houses ... and have collected them for years.  It wasn't until last year that I realized I was drawn to those made by Cody Foster.  Now that I have narrowed that down I am watching and making a wish list of those I love.  Each year they are different, but with some careful watching on eBay I have found that you can purchase some from years past.  There is something about a Cody Foster house, they have such darling details and the pink ones are by far the best.  I snagged two this year from
Lucy's Market and I am completely in love with them.  I chose Santa's House and the Snow Angel Cottage House.  I have my eye on one more (ok, two) ... but it is Christmas and I have to leave a few things on the wish list. 😉

Last year I filled the mantle with the houses, and added a bunch of tinsel trees around them.  One year I added them to the dining room table and added snow.  This year they found a home in the bookcases, and I plan to light them on Christmas Eve for even more charm.  I really think the Cody Foster houses are the best, the details just really stick out for me.  I also grabbed two different maker houses last year and then had to add wreaths and trees to give them extra charm, that is when I decided that Cody Foster houses are my favorites. 

This green house on the bottom left is one I added wreaths to ... along with the present sitting on the bicycle.  I felt it needed some extra love. By the time I added all with the work I was thinking it would have been better to grab the ones I really wanted.  💗

Do you see how darling? I have six of the ones I love now ... and I really enjoy them all month.  I have one on my wish list, and have gathered all of them I could find for you to see.  In my humble opinion, Cody Foster houses are just the best

Happy Monday ... 🏡🎄

Photos by Angie Webb

1 comment:

  1. Loved this post. I did not know about Cody Foster Houses. Now I have to have one!
    Enjoy your holidays.



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