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After Christmas Refresh

Anyone else crave organization and a new piece or two to begin the new year.  I have already organized every single kitchen cabinet, moved in a new armoire in the kitchen hallway to hold part of my china collection, and now I am looking to refresh just a few things in the house.  January is always a reset month for me, making sure I am set up for a successful year ahead. So, with that thought I thought I would share with you some of the pieces I use to organize things like drawers and the refrigerator ... and a few things on my radar. 

First up, a new coffee table.  I have wanted a Ming style table for a while and when I spotted one on New Year's Eve at the Ballards outlet I should have snagged it.  It was a great deal and I truly missed out.  I will be saving up to add it to our den. When I left this one behind I made a bad call.  #ugh

For the kitchen, I use a combination of dividers, all of which can be sourced from the same place. You can either buy one organizer that fits your drawer or you can take the measurements, and your needs, and make a pattern of different ones to fit.  I do both depending on what the drawer holds.  I prefer the bamboo style, I think they hold up so much better. For the refrigerator I use clear bins I can label.  My mother is a master organizer and I love how hers is set up. It makes putting things away so very easy, and we don't overbuy when things are labeled. For the pantry I use bigger ones, ones that are easy to reach in and get what I need.  I have linked it all for you below. 

I want to add some patterned lamp shades to my white lamps in the kitchen.  I am thinking I will use the same fabric that is on the curtains, but then I also may not.  I would love a great contrast pattern, but currently the ones I want are on back order.  Why does that always happen?  

I shared this sweater last week, bought two, and y'all loved the suggestion.  If you are looking for a true classic sweater, this baby is it.  I am living in a sweater + jean combination right now and then when I get home I trade my jeans for a pajama pant and add slippers.  It has been so cold here in Atlanta and I am loving the pulled together feel while staying oh so warm.  When I don't have a thick sweater on I am wearing a Dudley. If you love a great pajama set just like me, Print Fresh is the best. You can use my code PAIGEMINEAR for 15% off.  The pair I am wearing here is a long set in Antelope Emerald.  

A little tip for this time of the year when you either have so many things to put away ... or are decluttering.  I carry a laundry basket with me.  I go around and pick up things that are either out of place or need to go.  Once I am done with my walk through I can go back and either put the item where it belongs or put it in my other laundry basket waiting that includes items I am donating. I also add a trash bag to the mix. Some items are not worthy of donation and those just need to go. This is my favorite basket to carry, it is easy to manage and fits on my hip. I also buy these in bulk.  They are great for organizing, carrying things in my car, dividing up laundry via child and/or room and are so cheap. 

One great thing to check this time of the year is your towels and sheets, I love to start off a new year with new both if we need them.  I found these darling striped ones which would be so cute in an extra bath and for kids, the light blue and white are so cute.  I love my Weezie towels, as you know, but I do love to get other kinds to have and use.  Ordering these light blue ones for my girl and the navy and white stripe for my son.  Maybe he won't try and take her towels that way. 

Happy Monday ... can you believe it is already the 10th?  


  1. I ordered a lampshade from Ballard in August, and it's still on back order. Patience.......

  2. I always look forward to your blog and today's made me wish I lived closer to Atlanta. I can drive to Ballard's in less than an hour but any further than that makes me nervous in the Atlanta traffic. Love your pajamas.



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