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Wrapping A Gift

I have mentioned before that I worked one Christmas season at Lord & Taylor as a gift wrapper.  The year was 1993 and it was in the time where you could have your gifts wrapped at a department store in the customer service department.  You would walk up, check out the selections offered, choose your selection by its number, and then leave your gifts to be wrapped perfectly.  I miss the gift wrap departments, but I do not miss that Christmas.  The stress level was intense and the customers were lined up for what seemed to be miles.  

What I walked away with that year was the ability to wrap a perfect gift with little or no waste.  I do love to wrap a gift and will choose a box over a gift bag every single time.  I think a wrapped gift with a proper tag is so much prettier to gift and to set under a tree. 

I found a video for you that is very close to the way I was trained.  The only difference between this and the Lord & Taylor wrapped gift would be two things.  One, you measure the paper before it is cut, and two, you tape the second piece as close to the edge as possible to not have a visible seam. We also used double stick tape, but this is hard for an everyday wrapper.  I prefer the clear tape, it goes on well and can not be seen. 

When it comes to wrapping paper I have my favorites I shop from time and time again. I will list them below.  All of these companies create beautiful, thick paper that you can use to create beautiful boxes.  

Ruby Stripe

Sweet Caroline Designs

Initial Offerings

A Thing Created

Here's to using a box and wrapping a gift every single time. 💥

Image courtesy of Ruby Stripe in patterns that are perfect for Valentines Day


  1. I wrapped for Neiman Marcus one Christmas in college. You always folded the edges and ran you paper to the edge. And double stick tape is a must. I still wrap that way. I love pretty wrapping paper!

  2. In the past I have been gift bag person, but for the last 2 Christmases I have wrapped boxes and agree they are so much nicer under the tree.

  3. Oh gosh I worked in display for JCPenney's at Cumberland Mall one Christmas season when I was in college. My job was to wrap literally hundreds of assorted size boxes in green foil paper and big red bows. We then stacked them up to create huge Christmas trees made of gifts. I wrapped hundreds of boxes for days on end!! I can relate to this post so well!! :)))))

  4. Yup -- it's all about the crease! Even the sloppiest package can look like a million bucks when you crease the edges!

    I wrapped Christmas gifts at Sears many years ago -- the customers lined up to watch me make those crisp edges!



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