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Valentine Cocktails

Can you tell I have Valentines Day on the brain?  I have been thinking about it for the last week and the best part for me is that I really think of it as a whole month of sharing love not just a single day.  With that being said I will be wearing all the pink + red, eating all the cute pink sweets, and celebrating on weekends with a great Valentines cocktail.  (ps ... when you use pink ribbons for your Christmas decorations can you just use them again for Valentines Day?  ... asking for, well me!)

I have found some amazing ones to share with you ... the first two are made with bourbon, duh, and the rest are a mix breed.  I hope you make one and when you do please send me an email and let me know what you tried and loved. 

Bourbon Sweetheart ... this drink is a mix of bourbon, ginger liqueur, strawberries and bitters. 

Fools Rush ... I love the idea of Rose Honey Syrup. 

Forbidden Sour ... I am not sure I will be able to wait until February to try this one!

Pomegranate Sidecar ... another one that just sounds like perfection to me. 

Raspberry Rose Cocktail ... this is the prettiest drink and sounds so very delicious. 

Love Martini ... how pretty is this one? 

Pomegranate + Ginger Paloma ... just yum!


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