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The Best Punch

I made this punch twice during the month of December and it is truly so good I think it is worth sharing yet again. It is so yummy and is perfect for all the winter months with one small change.  I really think punch is my favorite thing to serve for company, most definitely a group of people. You can make it before, you can serve it in either a punch bowl or a pitcher, and you can make it and then have your guests add their own spirits.  That is a major win, win ... don't you agree?

Here is the punch recipe I use.  I think Courtney is the go to for all things entertaining.  Her blog is incredible, her recipes are always so, so good ... and her styling.  It is truly the best there is, hands down. (image via this blog post)

So ... what would I change for the winter months after Christmas?  I would remove the cranberries and either add blackberries with sliced lemons and sprigs of rosemary or add just pomegranate seeds with the lemons and rosemary.  I feel like cranberries are synonymous with Thanksgiving and Christmas and that carries the punch longer for me. I like to either create an ice ring which Courtney talks about or to make my own ice cubes to serve with it.  For the ice cubes I freeze soda water (lemon or orange flavor is perfect) with pomegranate seeds, slices of lemon, and mint.  When you serve the punch the ice cubes help to keep it cold without diluting its goodness.  I love making ice cubes for iced drinks, and if you haven't tried it you must.  Iced tea and iced coffee are my favorites to add homemade ice cubes. 

And for mixing ... I like prosecco, citrus infused vodka, and even bourbon.  They all add such a different vibe for the drink and, of course, all get served in different glasses. For the vodka you could use double old fashioned glasses and add extra garnishes, and even a swizzle stick, and for the bourbon I would use a standard old fashioned and a fun napkin. 

Let me know if you try it, it is truly so very good. 

Happy Tuesday ... 

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