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Vintage Book Goodness

While I am shopping estate sales I always hunt for unique books that I can add to my collection or think are fun for resale.  Sometimes I find really fun ones, like the Housewives Guide to Antiques and Your Secret Servant. A friend was at the house recently and started commenting on their favorites of my collection and it got me thinking, what a fun blog post.  I have found some I really adore, and some super witty ones that I think would make great additions to your bookcases.  I have gathered a bunch that I both own, and ones I think would be super fun to own.  

Anyone else have some in their library they just adore?

I am drawn to anything Royals related, anything that features Jackie Kennedy, anything Palm Beach, anything Madeline, anything plaid, and anything I can find that makes me giggle. So with that in mind I find it hard to let some of them that I find go, but it is worth it when you get a buyer that is so very excited. 

I have found some darling titles to share, I hope you love. 

Image via Slim Aarons

1 comment:

  1. I have good luck finding these kind of books on Ebay. Great suggestions.



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