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Shop Buru x The Southern C

As I have mentioned attending Summit this year was epic.  There was a perfect mix of brands, people, and the excitement of being together again ... it was truly just so very good.  One of my favorite things about the conference was meeting Morgan Hutchinson, the owner of Buru.  Morgan is a fabulous woman, so kind and thoughtful, and truly one of the most inspiring women who took the stage.  I have loved Buru for a while and just last year bought my first two pieces.  What I absolutely loved most about the experience was the ability to change a dress they had that I adored but the colors offered were not me.  They simply allowed me to choose from some swatches of left over fabric they had and I ended up with a custom caftan that I will wear for years.  It is so me and feels so very special to own it. 

So you can imagine my sheer excitement when Cheri Leavy + Whitney Long shared with me that they were working on a collaboration with Buru to create a collection of clothes.  I literally squealed.  How fun and so very inspiring.  Morgan spoke at Summit of her way of collaborating with others and how it just feels right when she chooses someone for a collection.  She waits and thinks and then after meeting with someone, even virtually, can tell if they are right for her to design for and with.  Clearly from the large collection of pieces they created together this pairing was sheer perfection. 

The first of the collection launched Saturday online and the second batch of pieces will launch tomorrow.  Each piece of the collection is filled with florals and colors that scream spring.  The theme for Summit this year was Bloom and you can absolutely feel the energy of springing into a new season of life and business and looking good doing both.  Morgan creates pieces that empower women through fun and functional dressing.  It is her passion and her mission with each piece she creates and sells.  I can tell you that wearing her clothes is so easy and makes me feel so girly and so empowered to look good while working hard.  I also love how effortlessly they feel when you wear them.  From day to night and every single moment in between, clearly I am a big fan of Buru. 

The collection is a big one, hence the multiple launches, and is filled with tops, skirts, dresses, house coats, accessories, belts, shoes, and bags.  There are multiple ways you can mix and match the pieces to be worn time and time again. I have many favorites, and most definitely will be shopping the drops. I was able to purchase one top before we left and I will be wearing it today paired with jeans and some loafers.  I love that I can also wear it with a skirt, open as a light jacket, and even over a darling dress.  Morgan takes such care with her designs for that specific purpose.  I can't wait to add more of the items to my closet. 

(that is my top, isn't it so darling?)

I asked for thoughts on the creation of this collaboration and Cheri gave me the best response to my request.  

"Morgan shared fabric swatches and we fell in love with the happy florals that were presented. It wove in perfectly with our theme of blooming from the Summit into the capsule collection.  She found great stripes and colors to pull in.  Morgan studied our silhouettes we were regularly and leaned into our comfort zone but also stretched us to try new styles that are popular at Buru.  My favorite part was selecting buttons!  Morgan always had the perfect final touch, such as using a certain color thread with the button to make it pop or to tone it down to keep it more versatile. It was a pleasure to see her in action and I am even more inspired by her process and care she puts into every facet of her business after experiencing this collaboration with her first hand."

There are so many beautiful pieces in the collection and I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite.  I have a selection of items on my wish list ... each of them prettier than the last.  The first would be the Bow Housecoat that Cheri is wearing above.  I love that it can be worn as she is wearing it here or open over a cute pair of pants and a top.  I also love this Puff Sleeve Shirtdress and see it in my head paired with this belt bag and these darling shoes. Omg and then there is this piece.  It had my heart at the words Ruffled Party Skirt. 

Every piece in the collection was produced in Buru's micro factory with upcycled fabrics promoting slow and sustainable fashion and responsible manufacturing.  I could not love this more especially with all of the talk I have been having about sustainable fashion recently.  💗

The next phase of the drop happens tomorrow ... so set your alarms and check it out.  I am hoping to find the blue floral top below and my top I purchased so I can see Morgan styles it.  She does try-ons for each collection to show you how they look on and for incredible styling inspiration. It may be my favorite part of buying from Buru.  

Well done girls, truly well done.  But honestly, I would expect nothing less from three powerful and creative women.  I am so thankful to be a part of The Southern C community and this collaboration is just one tiny reason why.  

You can shop the collection here ... and stay tuned for more of the pieces to show up online tomorrow.  Til then ... Bloom where you are planted + Blossom in it all. 


 All images by Kelli Boyd Photography


  1. I'm confused. You attend these conferences which are for business owners yet you don't seem to own a business. You go on about your "besties" ad nauseum yet you aren't really one of them - you seem to be jobless. And most of the women you socialize with are 20 years younger than you! Nothing connects.
    I just don't understand. Perhaps you can clear up a few things for me - and probably a number of other readers.

  2. Well, you asked a few questions so I will answer them separately. First of all I own not own, but two businesses. The first would be this blog which in its 15th year has grown to pay for itself and more through sponsored blog posts and more. Second I am paid as a stylist for brands that I am blessed to work with to create content for their catalogs and social media. Lastly, I own a vintage resale business which is thriving and honestly could use a second employee. So, to that answer I am not jobless but instead in need of employees.

    Second, you talk about my friends. I have friends of all ages, some 20 years older than me and yes one who is a mere 27. That one friend is stronger than most in many ways. I spend my time with smart, creative, strong, faithful women and I do not discriminate as to their age.

    I hope that clears things us for you! xo, Paige



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