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Six Things I Loved + Bought Vol. 13

Happy, happy Valentines Day!  I hope your morning was a good one and like me, you loved last night's concert.  I am super excited for the Rams, their quarterback is a Georgia boy.  How fun, right? I woke up and had my first cup of coffee jamming out to Mary J. Blige ... she killed it last night and I need to add her music into my playlist.  Maybe I should make a Superbowl inspired play list .. that would be fabulous!

Today's blog post is one of my favorites to write, I love sharing great things I have found with each of you!  💗

Printfresh pajamas ... I can not say enough amazing things about these pjs.  I get excited every single night I get ready for bed.  I am exclusively wearing Printfresh every single night, even if I wear them multiple nights in a row.  I love them that much.  The ones I am currently wearing, the pink hearts, will be something I wear a lot because I think pink pajamas should be in every one's drawer.  Make sure you use my code PAIGEMINEAR for 15% off your purchases!

We talked about fast fashion last week and it has definitely made me stop and think over the last week.  I went to Target yesterday to grab some things for a salad and snacks for the week and I was so tempted to get a few things from their women's section.  I did not get most of what I looked at, but I did stop and snag this sweater.  It fits perfectly and it is perfect for wearing over my Nap Dresses and cute tees with jeans for me to be able to wear what I have in a new way.  It also comes in a natural color and I looked at that one as well but settled on the blue since it will be cute with all colors.  I will wear it with a tee and jeans this week to show you how I style it. I also grabbed this sweater last week for the same reason.  I really love it and will be wearing this one today. 

I shared over the weekend that Hazen & Co. shared a code with me for you to shop their Valentine collection at 15% off.  Taylor makes classic and beautiful pieces you can wear and pair with so many other things.  I love it all, and these earrings most definitely caught my eye.  I also love this set, which comes in a darling bag!  Make sure you use code PINKPAIGE for 15% off. 

I learned last week that you can subscribe to magazines via Amazon.  Did you know, because I definitely did not.  You can subscribe to your favorite magazines for a fraction of the cost of most of them plus snag ones you love so easily.  I added six to my cart and my total was less than $38.  Do not miss out on this if you are like me and love to peruse a magazine!  For reference I purchased the following ... House Beautiful, Southern Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Town & Country and Veranda.  I have listed all of my favorites for you here.  This is a great way to get what I want without grabbing them at the market when I see them. And if you need a gift recommendation for anyone I already subscribe to Southern Lady, Victoria, and Cottage Journal and love them so!

I have shown the same white jeans a few times over the past weeks and you all love them.  They are old and no longer for sale, but I have found an identical pair!!  I love them because they are cropped, flared, and white!  

And last, but not least, these cute earrings.  I wore a pale pink pair at Summit and got so many compliments on them.  They are darling, weigh nothing at all, and come in so many colors and two sizes.  I have two pairs of the larger hoops and one pair of the smaller huggie hoops.  I recommend them so much, they are so cute and, like I mentioned, weigh nothing.  I forget I am wearing them.  I have both the pale pink and pale blue.  

I hope your day is filled with love. 

1 comment:

  1. I recently discovered Flower magazine. Read it online now. Southern homes and beautiful flowers. Win-win.



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