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Round Top Bound

Yep, you read that right.  I am heading to Round Top on Sunday morning.  This is my first time and I truly am so very excited that I am having trouble settling down before bed.  Antiquing and hunting has always been one of my most favorite things to do and traveling to and shopping Round Top has been on that list for quite some time.  Between the excitement of a new adventure, seeing everything, and the things I will be able to shop, it just doesn't get any better.

Of course I am traveling with my hunting bestie Nicole Letts and we are meeting up with some of the best when we arrive.  After meeting not one woman, but four, at The Southern C that specialize in all things Round Top we made the decision to partner for this adventure.  Since it is both my and Nicole's first time at Round Top we are relying on these women to help us navigate each and every detail.  I say it a lot and it always rings true. When you don't know something, rely on those who know it well.  From the moment Nicole and I arrive in Houston we will be cared for and escorted by an amazing team which I am thrilled to introduce you to and share way more about in the coming days and beyond.  As much as I know nothing about shopping Round Top I have no worries at all that our trip will be seamless and one of the best hunting trips we have taken.  I am truly so very, very excited. 

So, details.  I have them all for you on the front end and then will have them in spades once we return.  What I think I am most excited about his how knowledgeable this team is.  Between Lady & Tucker Home, a darling boutique based in Cypress, Texas, Katy Bader, owner of The Frenchie and Bader Ranch, and Kristin Light, owner of Sissy Light, we are more than covered with tips, tricks, tools.  I think you will absolutely adore this group of women that we have come to treasure.  

What is Round Top ...

Round Top is both a city in Texas and the name for the popular antique extravaganza that takes place three times per year.  Spread out over 20 miles, fields are set up for shopping from vendors from all over the country and beyond.  Selling everything from art, to European antiques, to clothing and everything in between, Round Top is a full discussion of hunting and shopping during the weeks it is open.  There are three sessions per year, one in the spring, one in the fall, and a smaller three day event in January.  Both the spring and fall events last about two and a half weeks.  Yes, that is a lot of good shopping to be had.  But shopping isn't all that takes place.  There are also evening events, a ton of amazing dining, and lots and lots of people to meet and celebrate with while you are there. Add in a bit of celebrity sightings and your day is perfect from the second you wake until you fall into bed that night.To my understanding to go once is to fall in love and from then on out you set your calendar around Round Top.  All I can say is, count me in

Where we are staying ... 

When we arrive in Round Top we are guests of Katy Bader, owner of The Frenchie.  We are not staying at the inn, as it is completely booked, but we will have access to every inch of the property.  Its picturesque property oozes charm and is the perfect mix of a traditional inn and the "luxurious hipness of an urban boutique hotel".  Just seeing the images of The Frenchie forces me to relax my shoulders.  The surroundings are stunning and every detail has been thought of by Katy and her team.  I loved when she shared with me that she and the employees eat dinner together each evening to go over the day and discuss what could be made better for the next day.  I have never wanted to own an inn but I can promise you if I ever do I will adopting this ritual.  And yes, you will absolutely see me sharing photos of myself in the darling blue Fiat. Katy has thought of every detail for us and I will be sharing rooms of the inn with my outfits daily as well as sharing all my favorite moments that we are there from where I sit with my coffee to winding down the day sitting next to a fire pit. I am telling you I can't wait to get there and just take in every inch of the property.  I absolutely love a boutique hotel and I think this one will be one of my favorites. 

What we are wearing

We have partnered with the darling women who own Lady & Tucker Home to help us dress the part. According to Jenny + Miriam Petru there is definitely a style that is seen all over Round Top.  Since the shopping is set up in fields most people wear boots and tennis shoes to be comfortable and to properly navigate the condition of the fields. They were quick to tell us that we need to be prepared for all kinds of weather since we are outside most of the day.  My favorite tip, pack rain boots and a denim jacket for those rainy, muddy instances and the chance it could turn chilly. They recommended loose dresses, jeans and cute tops, and most of all, a hat (Sissy Light has that one covered!).  I am so thankful they were so detailed with their suggestions so I will definitely feel ready to take on the day dressed properly and prepared for whatever we should find.  

Jenny + Miriam have sent us a box of dresses and tops to try so we will be perfectly outfitted for our time in Round Top.  That box was a lot like Christmas morning as I opened it to find a selection of six pieces that were picked for me. They style is impeccable and I can not wait to share more of their darling boutique with you once we arrive on Sunday.  When I asked them to share their story of the boutique the response was too perfect not to share in their exact words. 

"Lady & Tucker Home came to life in 2020 when we were stuck in our homes looking for new decor and wishing for places to go to wear cute clothes! Our namesake is from our two Goldendoodles we adopted together and whom we adore. We are sister-in-laws, best friends & business partners!  We confiscated the back of our husband’s building and started a small antique business.  We soon added clothing, home decor and gifts as well.  We quickly decided we were going to be the speak easy for shoppers in Cypress Texas!  We want it to be a fun retail operation with the same somewhat secretive-unique shopping experience.  Lady and Tucker Home wants to bring all that we love to shoppers by curating the most unique antiques, clothing that makes women feel good and the perfect place to grab that last minute gift.  Being off the beaten path we believe brings that extra special one on one experience.  We love helping women while visiting with them about all things family, life & what to wear to that special vacation spot or event."

Lady & Tucker Home is hosting a Sip & Style on Sunday, March 20th from 4 until 6 and I would love to meet you there. As I mentioned they are outfitting both of us for the show and are skilled in doing so for all of their customers.  I would love to see you there, hear about your favorite Round Top moments, and hear any suggestions you may have.  Nicole and I will be ready with our new outfits to meet any and all who come. 

What we are doing ... 

You mean besides shopping, shopping, eating and more shopping? This is where we are leaving it up to our hostesses and their expertise.  They have all compiled their must have lists and created agendas to tackle our days.  My goal is to bring you a comprehensive travel guide once I return filled with tips and tricks and tools to make your trip the most it can be.  I know we are shopping a number of locations including Bader Ranch, a 10,000 square foot barn of incredible European antiques owned by Katy Bader. Both Nicole and I will be sharing details of where we are going, what we are doing, and some pro tips along the way.  I am completely relying on our talented new friends and am confident they will guide us to exactly what we need to see ... and share. 

So, you ready?  I know I am getting there.  A few more days, more packing and off to a bucket list adventure for us.  I can't wait to arrive, experience it all, and deliver a fabulous report once I am home. 

Only four more sleeps. 🤠

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  1. You are going to love this experience! I've been shopping Round Top since the early days of a single show sponsored by Emma Lee Turney at the Rifle Hall. It's been sheer delight to watch as it has evolved into this massive event. I used to go multiple days, shop the fields, take it all in. In recent years, I limit my visits to Big Red Barn, Marburger, Blue Hill, and a few other stops depending on my time. This is not to say that it isn't all a wonderful experience, just different as I've transitioned though my own life. Have the best time, Paige! I'll eagerly await your shares and photos of your own experience. Safe travels!



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