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29 Years of Green Beer

As I share every year, St. Patrick's Day is the anniversary of our first date. He poked his head into the war room where I was working and simply said, want to grab a green beer?  That simple question spun into a full on love fest and here we are 29 years later with a family, the house, the dogs ... and each other. I will never not love St. Patrick's Day and that memory, I recall sharing a large plate of nachos, two beers and lots of conversation.  We walked from our office on Lake Eola in Orlando to Church St. Station and then walked back. March in Florida is the perfect weather and that walk there was the beginning of the rest of my life.  Looking back I never saw it coming ... but it chose me and I am forever grateful. 

Each year I set out a fun happy hour for us and we clink those drinks and stop to be thankful for another year together.  I can tell you the first year after his long hospitalization was a blur but I am sure I was intensely grateful that I could even celebrate.  It still blows me away as such a miracle. 

When it comes to styling for St. Patrick's Day I only shop from Emily McCarthy as she is the ultimate queen of the day.  One year I hope to be in Savannah to experience the parade with her as it is truly epic.  I have this tray, some napkins, and some stir sticks that I use each year.  She always has a great selection and even now you can stop up for next year. 

With a quick trip to Trader Joes (my go to) + the wine shop (get the Irish Whiskey) you can pull together a great appetizer set up and make some yummy Irish mules.  The recipe I use time and time again is most likely from Emily as well.  I learned my love of Jameson from Emily's husband Patrick and its just perfect for today. Basically just trade out your vodka or bourbon for Jameson and you have a super yummy + festive drink. 

This appetizer set up was so simple to pull together.  Trader Joes always has some fun seasonal items and I can easily find Irish cheeses and a four leaf clover plant, or two, to give the kitchen some festive feels.  I paired the cheese with dried apricots, slice cucumbers (more green), marcona almonds, and finished it off with rosemary for even more green. The plate was delish and lasted about 15 minutes. 

Cheers to today ... and to 29 more with my beloved!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all! ☘

1 comment:

  1. Lovely story!! Yes, the Savannah St. Patrick's Day parade is EPIC!! Our daughter graduated from SCAD so we got a chance to go there for the parade. I highly recommend it! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!



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