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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 14

Happy Good Friday!  I feel like this week was so long and I am so ready for this long and special weekend.  We have so much family time planned, which is my favorite way to spend any day.  I am a bit unsure of the weather coming, but it is sunny and bright in my office at the moment and I am truly loving every second of it. The yard is in full bloom with azaleas, the trees are fully green, and the sun is pouring in the windows.  Yes please. 

It has been way too long since I wrote a six things blog post for you and today seemed perfect!  I have some really amazing things coming today for you, all of which I bought and love. 💗 

First up, vitamin D.  I recently had my yearly physical and learned that my vitamin D was still low.  The nurse called the next day and said, it's still low so you need to double up on your dose.  So, I did and I can't tell you how much better I feel.  Holy crud I was not even aware of how tired I was. I take this one and I love it.  It is easy to take, doesn't give any strange side effects, and comes in a bright and happy bottle.  If you are deficient and honestly aren't we all after staying inside for way too long, this is the one I would recommend. If you love this one I also take this to make sure I am "on a schedule" and I love this one for all the changes life can bring. 

Next, if you follow me on Instagram you know I was shopping yesterday for some dresses.  I needed two and will wear them for a number of things coming up.  I am new to Antonio Melani and the amazing collection that it is, but I am now tuned in and feel you need to be as well.  So, department stores are hard.  I feel most of the stand bys have either closed or changed and I have been spending most of my energy on Nordstrom as of late for their amazing customer service and convenience to my house.  But ... I am now adding Dillard's to that list.  Holy smokes, I spent longer than I should have in the store but it was just so good.  Three floors of goodness including a full home section which I feel like has been discontinued in most stores.  I went for a dress + some bowls and came home with eyes wide open to the goodness that is the OG Dillard's. 

Ok, back to the dress.  Antonio Melani designs beautiful, flattering, lady like dresses perfect for events and Easter.  I snagged this one, which feels so old school Laura Ashley, and this one which is just sheer perfection.  Gingham, smocking, lined, pockets, heaven. I have Easter + a photo shoot + an event in May that I will wear the pink one for and then I have a photo shoot + an event + a trip that I will use the second one.  I also found some darling shoes and the best swim suit while I was there.  Very modest and lady like and will be on repeat for me this summer. It was a highly successful morning at Dillard's, so much so that I will show you all I found that I truly felt I could have brought home. 

Stoney. Clover. Lane. I wrote about SCL in this blog post and this week all of my goodies arrived. I am completely smitten and have already order more patches to affix to the bags.  I wanted to make sure I knew what I would use them for before I took a deep dive. The customizable bags and letters are truly so much fun and so very helpful staying organized in your purse and for travel.  I give it five stars. 

A few of my darling friends paired up with Lisi Lerch to create the Florida Friends Collection and I love it so much.  Their story is so fun and the details are so good and a full blog post will be coming sharing it all.  Until then you can check out the goods and see their darling friendship here. Aren't they so cute? I am smitten with this hat and these precious earrings.  And that clutch, so cute and you can customize it any way you wish. 

And the last item today is another great one, a cookbook to help you cook from your pantry!  The Art of Pantry Cooking by Ronda Carman is so good.  I received it as a media review and truly loved it from the front cover and the title.  I know I am not the only one who loses things in their pantry and then orders out.  Ugh.  This cookbook gives you some tools to be able to feel confident searching that pantry and creating a meal.  It is broken down by item you can find in your pantry and then gives you recipes you can create with that item.  For example, almonds.  In this section you find recipes for Romesco sauce, a cauliflower and almond soup, and a  summer squash salad. I love that you can pull an item from your pantry that you want to use and then can find amazing recipes to create. A major plus for me would be the photos of each recipe. I am very visual and I love to see what it looks like. If I am at a restaurant and they show a photo of the dish that is most likely the one I order. So far I have flagged some yummy recipes including Sherry-Braised Chicken with Artichoke Hearts and Toast with Honey + Prosciutto.  This would make an excellent Mother's Day happy!

I hope your weekend is truly so special. 

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