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Mrs. Southern Social for The Southern Living Collection at Dillard's

Today is such a fun blog post for me as I am here to share such fun and exciting news.  My darling friend Mary, who wrote this book, has a brand new collection with Southern Living at Dillard's launching in just five days.  Yes, that is correct ... Mary has hand picked an amazing collection of tableware made my Southern Living Magazine that will be sold at Dillard's. I am so excited for her and incredibly proud.  This is huge and fabulous and I am just here to watch it all happen.  Mrs. Southern Social is truly blowing up out of control, and it is a very fun thing to see unfold before my eyes.  Mary, you know I adore you and this is just the most fun, maybe ever

As you know Mary and I have been friends for a few years.  We have worked together, traveled together, and supported each other as our blog careers have blossomed.  Mary's is on fire.  I am so excited for this launch next week as it is filled with pieces I will most definitely buy and use in my own home.  The white dishes, yes please.  The chargers, yep, those two.  The linens, yep those as well.  There is so much goodness. 

Mary is a master delegator and strives to teach others to do the same. She believes in using her resources and teaching her readers and followers how they can also delegate their lives and, in doing so, make it easier for all. This collection feeds right into that vision and her motto states it beautifully. 

Our motto is "Southern charm without lifting an arm" and it's at the core of this fabulous tabletop line.  Everything is designed to be mix-and-match so it's easy to set a beautiful table and entertain with confidence. Let's delegate, y'all, and let these chic pieces do the work for us.  

Happy Hostessing!

Here is a great sneak peek for you ... and I would definitely make a list for the launch day as I think it will go fast.  The pieces are really that fabulous!! Look at those price points. The quality of every single thing I have touched has blown me away.  The details, the scallops, you know I am dying. 

And this is not all of the goodness, just some great sneaks.  You can read all about each piece in her blog post.  I love her styled images, I feel like that is where the pieces really shine.  She has shared with me the collection is 40 pieces and it is meant to be mix and matched over and over again.  The incredible Hollis dishes can be used with any of the patterned pieces and anything you already own.  The bamboo flatware is incredible .. and so reasonably priced.  I truly can not wait for Tuesday to arrive.

So ... how to shop.  It will be online and in store on April 19th at Dillard's.  I will share again the day it releases with links for you to shop. If you are like me and won't be able to wait for the pieces to arrive to me I will be shopping in person at my local Dillard's.  She tells me if you have a store near you they will have the merchandise ready when the doors open at 11 am. She also shared that they are offering free monograming for the linens which I will absolutely be doing, and taking the linens she sent me with me on Tuesday.  Free monogramming is a major plus and I will be taking that to note from now on. I would make a list and decide what you want.  I do think it will sell quickly, it should, the prices and pieces are really so good

So, mark your calendars.  Next Tuesday online and in stores.  I will share the time when I have it.  I will be in person at our local store ready to snag it up. Once again, Mary ... I adore you.  This work of yours is, per usual, incredible!!

all images via Mrs. Southern Social
photography by Evin Photography

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