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Dillard's Event + New Dresses

Mary is coming
!!  You read that right; Mary Huddleston is coming to Alpharetta for an event at our local Dillard's.  I am so excited to see my sweet friend and cheer her on while she shares her Southern Living Collection, talks all about table settings, the specific pieces of the collection, and shares her tips and tricks with us all.  Mary has a long history with event planning and setting a fabulous table and has so much knowledge it would take days to share.  I am thankful she will be meeting and greeting for a few hours and genuinely getting to hear all the fantastic feedback from her friends and followers in the area.  If you are local, please plan to go; it will be fun

I have plans to attend the event, and then I am having dinner with Mary and the team on Saturday evening.  So since we are going to Dillard's and then hanging out with Dillard's, we should dress at Dillard's.  I had to get creative since Mary and her excellent business manager will also be wearing Dillard's. I need to shop beforehand to find something perfect for me that they will also not be wearing.  This won't be hard; there are so many beautiful pieces to choose from, as you will see below.  I went to the website and picked out my favorites, and now I just need to pop in and see what works best for me.  Honestly, I am excited. 

Two of the pieces I pulled to try are from Kimberley Whitman's collection, which launched yesterday.  I have recently discovered how beautiful their collection pieces are and how moderately priced they are. Antonio Melani is hands down my favorite designer they carry, and a lot of the pieces below are from that collection.  They are all stunning; I don't think I can go wrong with them. 

Take a peek; you will love them all. Oh, and don't forget Saturday's event; I am excited to see you there. 

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