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Garage Organization

I shared the other day on Instagram that I am working on organizing our garage.  It is a long process and a really hot one, but I absolutely love every step.  Our garage was a hot mess and in major need of some sort of organization.  Honestly, this is something I should have done when we first moved in or any year since, but I finally got to the place where I could no longer deal with any of it.  Running a small business from our home needs organization and it had been spilling into the garage one too many days.  So, I finally made the decision I was done with the clutter and dove in to get it organized. 

I am not done, so no photos to reveal but ... I will share with you a blog post I used as inspiration along with a board on Pinterest I created, and the supplies I have used.  It is really coming along so well, that I will be able to share a finished and organized garage very soon. I have all the items I purchased linked below.  I used three racks on one wall and have color-coded the containers on the racks to be able to tell from afar which rack is meant for the shop, the house, and the garage.  I am truly loving the system and am ready to label the boxes now that I know how they will be used.  I added my label maker to the items I am using as it is critical for true organization. 

If you are looking for some garage organization as well, these are the items I am using and highly recommend!

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