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Spring + Summer Uniform

For years my summer uniform was a pair of Lilly shorts and a polo.  While I have not entirely abandoned that look, especially for the beach, I seem to be in a dress moment of late. The ease of one-piece vs. two, plus the beauty of a dress, has me almost converting full-time.  I have recently purchased and been gifted such unique dresses that I have loved wearing.  It has become apparent that I am leaning more dresses than anything else in my closet.  

So, let's talk about what makes a dress perfect.

I think my number one request for a great dress has to be fit.  I love one that makes me feel feminine and girly and compliments my figure.  In these images, I am wearing a Sue Sartor, which I can tell you I am sure is what I consider to be a magic dress.  It looks good on everyone, is perfect from day to evening, and comes in beautiful colors and patterns.  Since February, I have purchased a number of them, and I will tell you they are definitely a go-to for me.  Tonight I have a cocktail party, and I will be wearing one of my Sue Sartor dresses.  They are just perfect. This one with the blue and white pattern is one of my favorites. (use code PAIGEM for $50 off your purchase)

Details are really essential to me when buying dresses. I love a great ruffle; pockets are a must; I prefer one that is lined and definitely made well.  Yesterday I bought this dress, and I love the bodice detail, and this one with the fantastic ruffle that shimmies when you walk. Details are important when you own a number of dresses.  The details are what make them unique. 

And lastly, I love a dress that I can wear multiple ways.  I am all in if it can be worn day to night with numerous shoes.  I love being about to wear it one day with sandals or sneaks and then another day with a flat or a wedge for dinner. When you have a dress that you can wear several ways and several times, it makes the cost of the dress so much easier.  I prefer well-made dresses that I can instantly see myself repeatedly using in multiple ways.  I am a repeat dresser, so small changes make a difference. 

Cheers to Friday, great dresses, and a lovely weekend! 

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