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How To Set A Table Like A Southerner

Well, if this topic isn't perfect timing?  My friend Nicole Letts is a freelance writer, in case you didn't already know.  She contributes to a number of magazines in both print and digital and her repertoire is growing daily.  She is an excellent writer and we have used her to help our 17-year-old form ideas for a number of papers this year.  She is a willing participant, with her extensive teaching background, and we pay her in eats and drinks. 

Last week Nicole was working on this story and she asked for my thoughts on three ideas.  I was thrilled to help her and even more thrilled to see it in "print". If you are new to table setting, want to know more about setting tables, or just want to read a great article, this one is for you.  I love that she pulled tips for both a standard table and a casual, yet elegant, table.  

The article is fantastic, I hope you will check it out. 

Happy Tuesday ... 

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