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Preppy Summer

My friend Anna Louise and I were chatting yesterday on the phone, and one of the things she shared with me was her recent trip to Belk.  Her words, "I was just going to pop in, but there was no popping in; it was straight-up shopping." I knew I had to check it out with that review as we have similar styles, both of us loving a timeless preppy style. So this morning, over coffee, I sat down and decided to shop online and what I found was share-worthy.  It is indeed so good, and the sale they have now is kind of crazy, crazy good.  I found some precious pieces to purchase and even more to share. 

So ... prepare yourselves for a preppy summer from me.  I will be wearing dresses, sandals, shorts, and tunics, and not even thinking twice about it. 

Ok, let's dive in.  I, like Anna Louise, like the Crown & Ivy brand. It is classic and feels like Lilly + Talbots had a baby.  This dress is truly darling, and it is now $25 instead of the near $100 original price.  The pink hopped right into my cart.  I also really think this dress is darling, the plaid is so fun, and I think it will be so good for the heat in Georgia coming my way. This polo shirt is darling, updated with the puff sleeve and length of the sleeve but yet still so preppy with the color and the stripe. With the coupon, it turned out to be less than $10. Adds to cart. I have noticed recently that my closet is void of red, so this dress that appears to be more red than coral was also this dress which seems me to be more red than coral, also was added to my cart.  Solid shorts with a 5-inch inseam, a must for me, are currently less than $10 each.  And the patterned ones are darling, especially those with the scallop bottom! I snagged two of these tunics to wear with shorts, one in white and one in navy. And last, but definitely one of the best, I spotted this tunic.  I mean ... plaid + ruffles are always a good idea. 

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