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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 15

Happy happy Monday
!  I hope your weekend was terrific, and if you are a mother, you were spoiled rotten.  I had a wonderful weekend with many things to do, including time with my friend Mary Huddleston. We were at both etuHOME + Dillard's, and it was the most fun. Two events, lots of friends, chatting, eating, and some shopping. I have a great new release of your favorite blog post, and it is perfect for a Monday.

Let's start the week with the good stuff. 😉

First up, these amazing soaps!!  Molly gifted me a set and I can't even handle how darling they are.  Fun soap is such a fun little addition to your guest bathroom and these pups are a must add.  I have pink but I am partial to all her fun colors. 

I met some darling girls from breakfast on Saturday.  I love Michelle and Courtney and their darling shop in Blairsville.  We meet up when we can, and they treated me to a yummy breakfast before the Dillard's event.  They brought me the cutest little cooler, which I think will be perfect for summer. It is called a Polarbox, and it is darling.  It comes in several colors and can be customized with fun handles. If you are a water family like we are, this little buddy is a fun addition to your packing list. Send them a dm and let them help you shop!

My beautiful friend had a baby on Friday.  Laurens is gorgeous, and this darling couple will be just the best parents.  If you aren't following Ashley, you must; she is just the best. I have cried all the happy tears in rejoice at this beautiful miracle.  

Last week, I popped into Dillard's to shop for the weekend's events.  I told you I was on the hunt for two beautiful dresses, and I definitely scored.  I grabbed this yellow one + this pink one along with some earrings for both outfits.  I loved these handsome studs, and this longer pair was a perfect addition to my pink dress for dinner.  I really, really love shopping at a department store once again. 

Ruby Bond.  You need to know of this darling and fun company.  Elizabeth makes the most beautiful and delicious candy boards.  You can order them for yourselves, for friends, to celebrate, or just because you love candy just as much as I do.  I ordered two last weekthis, one and this one, the second being for my sweet friend and that sweet baby boy. 

And lastly, etuHOME.  Have you been?  Do you know of this magical store?  I had not visited in person, and I fell madly in love.  This European Inspired Kitchen store is filled with fabulous music, smells, and excellent European-inspired goods.  I got a few things, and I have marked all my favorites below.  It is truly a must-visit if you have one near you.  I am telling you, I truly loved it all. 

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