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Barrington x Melissa Smrekar

Captains Tote in Parker 

I have the best news for you, all my color-loving, pattern-obsessed friends!!  Barrington Gifts has partnered with the darling and super chic Melissa Smrekar. Melissa is a must-follow on Instagram.  I shared my love for Melissa in this post, but to describe her again to you is an easy thing to do.  She has a strong (and beloved) personality. Her wit is fun and cheeky, well-spoken, opinionated, and un-waivered. She is bold, self-assured in the best way, and she is funny.  You will love her if you do not already follow and adore her. I love her posts and her stories and musings.  

Belmont Cabin Bag with Midge in thistle + Hanging Toiletry Kit in Tippi Stripe

Barrington Gifts, as you know, is my go-to for all things bag and travel related.  This fantastic company creates customizable bags, luggage, and accessories I use in all aspects of my life. The collaboration of these two powerhouses "brands" is a match very well made.  Melissa designed five patterns that are available on several pieces.  The best part about buying a Barrington piece is how easy it is to fully customize it to your liking.  You can choose your amount, pattern, monogram colors (or skip one), and even the leather for the bag.  Once you begin, it is hard to purchase something that isn't made exactly as you envision it. 

As I mentioned, she designed five patterns; Parker, Midge in blush, Holding Court, Tippi Stripe, and Midge in thistle. I am partial to the Parker and Holding Court and ordered a wristlet in Parker with a pink on pink monogram.  If I was to order it again, I would switch to pink on green so it would pop more, but I love it nonetheless. It is ideal for putting down in another bag and then just pulling out for dinner or popping into lunch and not having to take my big tote. 

Clear Katie Pouch in Parker + Eyeglass Case in Holding Court

What I really love most about this collection is how inspired I am by Melissa.  She is unwaveringly herself.  These patterns are so her, and I would be able to identify them by the name and patterns before ever knowing they were her.  It got me thinking, what patterns would be me?  I suggest you check them out and Barrington if you are new to the brand. When I asked Melissa about the patterns, she shared this with me. 

There’s a tiny pocket of the Preston Hollow neighborhood in Dallas that’s flanked by faded, rosy-hued serpentining bricks. Since its heyday in the 1950s and 1960s, residents have simply identified that they live “behind the pink wall.” When architect Hal Anderson built the first apartments behind the pink wall in 1954, it was a safe and chic haven for gals about town who suddenly found themselves creating a life on their own. 

The idea of a glamorous single gal living behind the pink wall in 1961 inspired this collection. To me, prints are best served like martinis– with a twist. The five prints in this capsule include a 1960s floral in two zippy colorways, a classic stripe, a kitschy tennis court print, and a summery breeze block print inspired by midcentury architecture. 

Whether you’re holding court at “The Club” or taking a boat to Bermuda, I hope this collection inspires you to get away from it all. 

I own so many of their bags and use them so often it is almost all I use.  Today I am heading to a matinee with a bestie, and I am carrying one of my St. Anne Totes so that I can carry in my own water and sandwich to pair with their popcorn.  Yes, it may be frowned upon, but it's me. And the bag is the perfect size for a day out, and this will be a true adventure. 

You can shop the collection here ... and make sure you play around with the monogram colors; that is truly the best part; each color combination changes things so much. I am dying to snag a second piece, and if I did, I would choose the Katie Clear Pouch (my second) for needlepoint as my first filled up so fast when I packed it for my last trip. I could then have two projects going simultaneously, which could be a great thing or a terrible idea. 😉 

All of my favorite pieces are below, which can be ordered in any of these patterns.  It truly is so fun to play around online. 

Well done, friends; I think you indeed served up a great collection. 🎾

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