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Things That Made Me Smile

I woke up this morning full of anxiety.  Even though I am confident that today will be an epic day, it still had anxiety for me.  Today is the day of sweet Haines' surgery.  God has opened these doors for this day, and I can clearly see it. It will be the best day, but a super long one as his surgery is indeed a long one.  So, as I am in prayer today and very aware of my own anxiety, I sought out some quiet time with my coffee and to smile. When I found myself enjoying the morning, I thought I would share what made me smile today with all of you. 💗 

This video.  James Corden + Harry Styles made a music video in three hours with just $300.  It is truly the best thing I have seen in a while.  And those girls who opened their door and said yes, you know they are genuinely thankful they said yes when James asked to come in. 

The Atlanta Humane Society just took custody of 27 beagles being used for animal testing. They are puppies, and they need lots of help to be able to facilitate them for new homes.  They have never had any human contact, and this will take weeks.  But their little faces bring me such joy to know that 27 families will be getting sweet and darling beagles when this is done.  That first one on the website, that face.  I can promise you that if we didn't have our fair share of pups here at the house, I would be stalking the page, hoping to score one.  I love a beagle!!

Well, how darling is this??  While watching the Harry Styles video above, this ad came on in the middle.  I have heard of Young, Wild, + Friedman many times from young moms, but I had never listened to the story behind the brand.  I love this story, I love her message, and I love that she saw a need and filled it.  Well done, sweet girl!!  Also, can I order one for myself?

Speaking of highly inspirational moms ... this account!  Yesterday one of my favorite Instagram accounts shared the story of Julie, a widow with two small children who lost her husband four weeks after having their second child.  She is an Atlanta resident, and I have deeply explored her story.  She is raw and inspiring; yesterday, with Justin Anderson's help, she hit 100k followers. You will adore her, and following along and supporting her account helps earn her income for her family.  I am here for it all. 

And one more for the smiles and inspiration!!!

Downton Abbey: A New Era was wonderful.  My friend Nicole and I watched it yesterday in the theatre and truly loved it and loved not sweating for two hours!  It is sweet and it is perfectly Downton and I love picking up right along with the crew. It is now available on Amazon Prime Video and I will be watching it again.  I love period pieces and the clothes and epic.  I think this may be Edith's movie as she truly glows through it all. 

Keep those prayers coming ... baby Haines and his family most definitely covet them!  💗

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