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Palm Beach Sandals + Susan Albright

I was very honored to meet
Susan Albright during my trip to Pawley Island.  Susan is a fantastic artist that creates fashion, home décor, and accessories from her stunning one of kind designs. When I met Susan at her store in Pawleys, I was introduced to her lovely patterns and beautiful clothing item.  I tried on several of her pieces and found them all unbelievable.  They fit like a dream, can be customized according to your needs, and are indeed works of art.  I know that seems extreme, but it is absolutely true. I noticed her impeccable work the second I took the first dress off the hanger and was completely smitten when I tried it on.  Her handmade items stand out in the fashion industry.  They are made to enjoy while living your days from casual to more formal.  

When we were styling and shooting a table on a dock in Pawley's, my friend Anna Louise was wearing one of her designs.  During the photo shoot, we encountered quite a storm and found ourselves packing up many breakables and working hard for a safe journey home.  It was pouring down rain, the winds were terrible, food was genuinely flying off the plates into the water, and we were working hard to protect all of the breakables.  It was pure chaos.  As we drove to the house where we stayed, I looked at Anna Louise in her dress.  Her hair was windblown and soaked to the bone, but her dress was in pristine condition, and her collar was still standing up in perfect order.  We both had a long chat about how amazing the dress was, having stood the test of a dangerous storm and come out on the other side looking like a queen. Susan Albright designs fabulous dresses; you will love them as much as we do. 

Well, imagine my excitement to hear that Susan had partnered with Palm Beach Sandals to showcase four of her prints on these great sandals?  I am a big fan of Palm Beach Sandals and prefer them to a similar brand.  The sandals are pure leather and sewn after the order is placed.  They are tight when they arrive and mold to your feet the minute you begin to wear them.  I have never had them hurt, found they have little to no break in time and love that the all leather construction keeps them from having any issues.  I have experienced different sandals losing their heels and have had zero assistance in getting them repaired.  This is not the case with Palm Beach Sandals.  I have three pairs now, and nary no issue with any of them. 

The fantastic collaborative sandals come in four patterns; Pawleys Toile, Leopard Crab, Fuchsia Gator, and Daisy Print. As you can imagine,  I love them all and was surprised with the Fuchsia Gator print to match a dress made for me by Susan.  I fell in love with the gator print at her store and loved the story told me that this collaboration was a .she shared her design process with me. From her words ... "The gator print was inspired by the alligators spotted along the Carolina and southern coasts. The fuchsia and gold/chartreuse is a chic take on traditional preppy pink and green." We all know my love for everything preppy and pink + green, so this pattern is ideal for me. 

Susan also told me this collaboration was an excellent fit for her. Susan and Palm Beach Sandals Sandal's founders are passionate about American Craftmanship and timeless American style.  I could not have said it better or agreed more.  

What a true match made in heaven. 💗

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