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Orange You Glad?

I have wanted to paint my front door a fun color for about seven years.  Every time I tried to pair a fun color with our brick color, it was hard to make it work.  I tried blue, green, and orange, attempting to find a color that worked and complimented our reddish-orange brick. I genuinely want to paint the brick white, but that is an expense I am not ready to undertake, so for now, I am focused on transforming the door. I used the interactive Sherwin-Williams website to see what the result would be.  After testing about 45 colors, I settled on Obstinate Orange. 

And then, I created a candle with Southern Bungalow Co., and the door became the marketing focus.  The name, Behind The Boxwoods, speaks of the house beyond the boxwood topiaries at the front door.  With a darling pink, green, and orange logo on the candle, I definitely needed to address the brown door that was faded and ready for a glow-up. What a perfect time to add that orange I have dreamed of since 2015.

From the second the painting began, I was in love.  It makes such a difference in the look of the house, and it's the first thing I see when I round the corner.  I love the orange pop behind the fantastic blue and white planters, and adding new lights to the front of the house made it even better.  Our front door glow-up is my new favorite thing. The color is bold, but so are we, so I think it is perfect.  

If you are thinking of changing the color of your front door, I say GO FOR IT.  I am genuinely so very happy and just think about how darling it will be decorated for Halloween?

Happy Wednesday ... 

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