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National Pizza Day

image + recipe

I saw this day come across my calendar and initially dismissed it. Then I saw a few images of some ridiculously yummy-looking pizza and decided to revisit it.  I am a person who is sparked by images. If the menu has photos, I will most likely order it and click if the recipe shows me what it should look like.  Is anyone else a visual eater?

I love pizza.  Honestly, who doesn't?  It is bread, excellent cheese, and, hopefully, some equally fantastic sauce.  Being Italian, I don't turn away bread or cheese for anything and could live off of pasta for dinner every night.  So, pizza for dinner tonight?  Absolutely. 

I prefer a thinner crust with lots of toppings.  My go-to order at the local place is always a thin veggie pizza and salad, and then I pile the salad onto my pizza.  It is absolutely delicious.  As I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for a recipe for tonight, I got increasingly excited about the idea of homemade pizza, where each of us decides what we want on it.  My sons usually pick the meat options, my daughter goes back and forth between cheese, veggies, and pepperoni with pineapple, and my husband will eat it all. I prefer a pizza made with super fresh ingredients and an incredible sauce.  Yep, I am the picky one of the bunch. 

But, are you shocked? 😉

I am not sure exactly what my pizza toppings will look like tonight, but I can tell you I am making an arugula salad for the top of it and trying my hand at this homemade sauce.

Is anyone else hungry?

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