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Random Thoughts ...

Happy, happy Friday!  I haven't been this excited to see a weekend in a long time.  This week was so hectic and so filled with so many things.  I am ready to spend time with my family this weekend and just be.  We have two fun things this weekend, one Saturday and one Sunday.  I love being with family and friends; this weekend will be fun. 

I have some random thoughts for you, an unload of things running around in my head.  It is nothing heavy, just a little to-do list to share. 

First, if you read yesterday's post, you know it was National Pizza Day.  I made homemade pizza sauce, and I will never repurchase jarred sauce.  It was next-level good and made a simple pizza so much better.  I can't wait to try it with fried cheese this weekend. #bam.

Do you play Wordle?  I have for quite some time, and I play with my parents.  They both text me their results, and we compare.  It is a fun way to start the day.  Well, I recently added two more games a day to my mornings.  I love the challenge, and I love it since I am competing against myself.  My grandmother used to do the word jumble every day that she cut out of the paper.  It feels like now I am doing the same.  Just a little something to start the day and to keep sharp.  I added Waffle + NYT Mini Crossword.  They are both perfect. 

I am super excited about the Etsy shop; it is going so well, and I love that you can shop any day.  My next drop is next Saturday, and I can't wait to share.  There are so many sterling pieces in that drop. 

Did you see the news?  Print Fresh is in a Super Bowl ad, and I am thrilled for them.  Their pajamas are my favorites!!

I am traveling again next week, and I am excited about it.  My friend Nicole is finishing her book prep, and we are again traveling and eating.  Oh, and shopping.  Stay tuned for more on this next week. 

I have the best launch next week and am beyond excited to share.  I have been keeping another secret, including things you can buy.  I hope you love it.  This reveal is coming on 2/15.

On Sunday, I made this recipe for cosmopolitans, and they are so yummy.  I am making them in batch form Saturday night for a game night with our friends.  I hope they love them, or else I will have one too many.  They are so good, and bonus, they are pink drinks!

I hope your weekend is a great one.  Thank you for always supporting me, it means the world. 

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