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Valentines Dinner

We always eat at home for Valentine's. As I mentioned last week, we prefer to eat at home and enjoy a fabulous meal + a great movie. This year we plan to watch the new Reese Witherspoon movie that was just released on Netflix, and I am excited about dinner, a movie, and a fire.  Simple yet perfect. 

I have been searching for the perfect meal for us.  My husband is a meat and potatoes man, and I prefer seafood and veggies.  So ... I am thinking of a perfectly cooked filet for him and this meal for us to share.  I love scallops, we both love spinach, and I think it sounds incredible.  He will be thrilled, and I will be happy that we both have something we enjoy. I recently followed Cheese Gal on Instagram, and her husband seems to make the perfect steak, so I will take all their tips.  

It can be cheesy, but I love Valentine's Day.  I feel like stopping to spend a few hours with someone you love is beneficial.  We have had our fair share of hard times and trauma, and every day we can do something simple together is so special.  I am really excited to just be together this year, and I am really looking forward to our evening tomorrow.  Surrounded by the family, we adore our pups, a good fire, and a perfect evening.  

Nothing sounds better to me! 💗

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