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Graduation Dinner

With all the fun graduation parties and events, my girl felt a bit overwhelmed.  It has been a long, but super fun, two weeks.  She does not like the spotlight on her in any way, and convincing her to do something to celebrate was not easy. She is 100% her dad and flies under the radar when celebrating themselves. I was able, after many conversations, to convince her to let me cook dinner for her and her girlfriends.  I decided on a long table on the deck with simple linens, white flowers, and a meal I knew they would love. 

Since she will attend the University of Alabama, I chose a black-and-white theme with just a few crimson balloons.  In hindsight, the balloons weren't necessary, and I could have skipped that expense.  They blew in the wind constantly, and with the humidity, they went flat earlier than expected, even with the add-on Party City suggested.  So, skip the balloons if you are doing something similar. The black and white gingham matched the graduation cups perfectly, and I loved how simple it was to choose all-white flowers to do with the décor.  Since it was graduation weekend here in our area for other schools, the flowers were picked over at Trader Joe's, but I lucked out since I only wanted white ones. I made five small arrangements in mint julep cups and lined them on the table in a simple but stunning display.

Our weather called for thunderstorms, so after praying hard the rain would hold, we were given a lovely evening for the girls to eat outside.  I wanted the sun to set, but no rain was easy to compromise on. I set up the food inside, let them serve themselves, and sit where they chose.  There were only 12 of them; they are all dear friends, so we had zero issues with the evening.  My specific prayer was for an evening of no rain, a light breeze, love, and laughter and that is exactly what it was. 

As you can see, Birdie was in heaven.  She loves to be with her girl and her friends, and she spent the entire evening either sitting as you see her or standing next to my girl, hoping for someone to share their meal with her.  I made Burrito Bowls, so a burrito without the tortilla, and let them decide what ingredients they wanted to add.  I made ground turkey, cilantro lime rice, and black beans and then served it with salsa, guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheese, and queso.  I have to say it was delicious, as I had a bowl myself. It also made many leftovers so my girl and her friends could make food when they pop in, as they often do.

It was a perfect evening.  They finished dinner and then enjoyed ice cream sundaes on the porch laughing and giggling for a few hours.  It was exactly what she needed, to be celebrated in a way that she was comfortable with and with those she loves and adores.  We missed a few due to travel, but the turnout was good. It was an evening I hope she will never forget; I know I will remember it fondly forever. 💗

Sources - 
Tables - 2 six-foot folding tables
Chairs - rented natural chivari chairs from Suburban Rental
Table cloths - rental black gingham table cloths from Suburban Rental
Balloons - Party City
Plates - rental white square plates from Suburban Rental
Cups - Natalie Chang reusable cups purchased from Pineapple Porch
Napkins - Roseanne Beck purchased from Pineapple Porch
Flowers - white roses + white hydrangeas from Trader Joes
Mint Julep cups - Mark & Graham
Silverware bundles - Party City
Food - all me!!

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