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Things Of Note ...

Oh, my list for this blog post is so long.  I have had a list running of things I needed to share and it was more than time to share it all.  I have some darling and fun things to share with you, along with a few new to me businesses, and those are always so fun!!

Let's get to it ... 

Room 422 is the best place to begin your dorm room design journey.  I have known Frances for a number of years and wrote her story here.  The fun part for me is that she also went to Alabama and is now helping my girl plan her room for her time there.  Talk about full circle, how sweet is this?  We are using three products from Room 422, all of which are so useful and will help her feel cozy in her room.  Her request was cozy and comfy, and the items Frances and I picked out are perfect for that goal.  First of all, this bed skirt will cover up all of the items she is storing under her bed. She has requested her bed be lofted and is planning to slide her dresser, side table, and some other items under it.  The bed skirt is vital.  Next, Frances recommended this white oversized bed pillow that will help her lean back and feel comfortable hanging out and studying in bed.  Since her headboard is off-white we did all white, so white with white flange.  And lastly, a fun monogrammed pillow.  It is fun and so useful for her next living space. She can use it on her bed or in her chair.  I just love it.  If you haven't heard of Room 422 you are in for a real treat; they are amazing!!

My precious friend Taylor has decided to pause her beloved business, Hazen & Co. She just had her second child and is ready to spend some time focusing on her family.  Taylor is so precious and I am so proud of her for running an incredible business, and for making the decision that is right for her.  Hazen is currently having an amazing warehouse sale and her pieces are selling for incredible prices.  I snagged a pair of earrings and a barrette, both of which are now sold out.  Check it out, this sale would be so fun for stocking up for gifts. 

Another friend of mine has launched an amazing company and is selling the best pickleball bags.  I love people who discover a need, great bags, and design it themselves.  When I take those pickleball lessons that are on my to-do list I know where to buy that great bag. Please check out Fresh Pickle Designs, I think you will love it.

Do y'all drink Natalie's juices?  I love the grapefruit and blood orange and really like the orange and beet for a cocktail.  Well, I just figured out they have a great, all-natural margarita mix, which is all-natural.  I love a shortcut and this would be amazing with some spirits in it.  You can ask your store to order it or order it here online.  Yes, please!!!

One of my favorite sandals is available in rattan making it a perfect sandal for summer.  I love all things rattan and these are so stinking cute.  They are also on sale, so win, win. 

I discovered that Chappy Wrap has the perfect blanket for my daughter for college. These blankets are the ones we swear by and have all over the houseThis one would match her room perfectly and can be taken from the room to their common space and back, as teenage girls do with their blankets. 😉

Our den rug comes back from the cleaners on Friday and I am so excited to have our den back.  We moved some things around and really love it and I am left with a corner that could use a lamp.  I spotted this floor lamp and really like it, I think it would be the perfect mix.  It is on my wish list for the room. 

Happy Wednesday ... and Happy Flag Day. 💙💗 

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