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Organization Tools

While I was at my parent's house for Alabama parent's weekend, I shared a bit of my mother's insane organization.  She is the most organized person I have ever known.  Now you know why I am type A, I thrive with organization, although my skills are put to shame by hers. She shared with me a bit ago that her favorite drawer and shelf liner is carried at Walmart and I immediately snagged some for myself.  I am in the process of switching out ours for her favorite one and I am really thrilled with how good it works.  It stays put, is easy to wipe down, and from what I understand, lasts a long time. So, not to gatekeep things, here is the low down on what I am using and how I am staying organized in our kitchen and bathrooms. 

First of all, the liner.  I got white, my mom uses the biscuit color. 

Second, I am using the dividers, also from Walmart, from the Home Edit.  I find them to be generous in size and budget-friendly. I started with this set, just grabbed another set for our laundry room, and will be adding more as I need them. 

Also, I found a house cleaner on Tik-Tok that cleans her sinks and showers using this technique and so far I love it. To one of these, you mix equal amounts of white vinegar + Dawn power wash. Keep one in your shower and clean it while you are taking your shower and keep one in your kitchen to scrub your sink.  I have noticed a difference and I love that I can clean when I think of it instead of waiting and letting the shower "need" to be cleaned. 

Lastly, the purge while I am organizing is so good.  I keep a trashcan and a donation box nearby and discard them accordingly.  If we don't use it I gift it to the donation box for a new home.  For me organizing a space keeps my thoughts and mental health in check.  I think clutter is bad for me, it makes me feel cluttered.  Right now my garage is out of control with pieces my son will take at the end of the month, and that can not come soon enough. 

If you buy the products let me know how you like them, like I said, I love them. 

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