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100 things about me ...

In 2008 I made a list of 100 things about myself.  I remember the day I made it.  As I sat in front of the computer I was sure I would never come up with a 100 things about myself.  I was sure I would have to make stuff up. 

And then I starting typing and the numbers kept coming and I kept writing.  I learned a lot about myself writing that list ... and here I am 7 years later and the list is still 100 percent accurate!

I wrote the post as my 100th post for the blog ... wow, that was a whole lot of posts ago ... 



PKL: The Interview

As I am off to spend the week in New York City I am leaving you with a great schedule of posts!  I am re-posting some oldies but MAJ goodies as well as a few treats I have been saving for a time just as this!  I hope you won't miss me too much ... I promise I will be back in a week with photos galore!  xo


Operation Organization: Coat Closet

Today I am over at 11 Magnolia Lane sharing one of my favorite organization projects ... our coat closet.  I was thrilled when they asked me to share a post as part of their Operation Organziation: 2015 Edition.


Sag Faves 2015

I absolutely adore a red carpet event.  I plan for them and am known to pause the TV if I am rudely interrupted by my littles.



Hi!!!!  This has been my life the last few weeks ... go, go, go and tons of adventure!  New Years, my birthday, market, BFF visit and now a few days home before I leave for a week in New York!

Wow!  It has been one amazing month and there is still a week to go!


1.06.15 ...

(via Danielle Rollins on my Facebook page)

Yesterday I was treated like a queen to the best birthday I can remember!  The entire day was full of confetti, surprises and besties ... and I can not imagine spending it any other way.  As I was falling asleep last night the hubs asked me what was my favorite part of the day. 

My response was quickly formed and easy to give! 

"Actually, the whole day was amazing ... from the time I opened my eyes until this very minute!"  


Inspiration du jour ... #qualitytime!

I am a huge love of quality time!  I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone that knows me that my love languages are Quality Time and Words of Affirmation!  I will toss a to do list out the window for some quality time with a friend or family!

And that says it all ... because I do love a good To Do List!!!  I actually think its the crossing off items with a sharpie that I am addicted to the most!


Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!  

A new slate, a new beginning!  I just love the start of a new year!

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