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Collections + Traditions

Let's talk about collections and traditions today ... two of my favorite things to talk about, and do, each holiday season.  When I was little I remember opening that one single box on Christmas eve and getting to put on freshly washed and cozy Christmas pajamas for one last sleep.  I remember the first year we were married with a baby I was determined to not miss out on my pajama tradition.  I told Lawyer time and time again what was expected and he delivered, well sort of.  Before my sad self headed up to bed he told me to check the dryer ... and there it was a Christmas nightgown washed and ready for me.  It was truly so sweet, but I think he was thrilled when my mom took over the tradition for him the next year.  He doesn't do pressure well at all, and definitely not in the gift category. When we had children of our own I was determined to keep the tradition alive ... and 25 years later it is the one thing they all ask before we retire for the evening.  I love the simple "is it time to open our gift?".  

Traditions are truly my favorite. 💗

I shared the other day my tradition of adding vintage style Christmas houses to our home each year and I love pulling them out and setting them around the house.  They are just so cute and so sweet, and I will be lighting them this year on Christmas eve which I have not done in the past.  They are so cute, don't you think?

I always add a photo of the kids to the tree, starting with their Santa photos from the first year.  A few of them include a crying baby and it is what it is, those may be my favorites to be honest.  Poor sweet screaming baby and a smiling Santa just making it all happen.  Our middle child was by far the best crying photo I have.  He was so not into Santa, as in ... at all

Each year I add a few extra ornaments to our tree to document the year.  I used to just add three, one for each child and their year, but it occurred to me at some point that I would be gifting all of our ornaments away at some point and would have nothing to keep. So ... about three years ago I changed that up and I collect for them and for us.  They will take theirs when they have their own trees at their houses, sniff, and I will keep ours.  Each ornament is in its box and I mark the year and why I bought it.  I am sure one day they will love reading little notes just as I do from my Nana all these years later.  I found most of mine from Old World Christmas and this year a few from Biscuit Home. I love the glass ones, they have the most character. I am still searching for a great World Series ornament for this year but I have not found a good one, yet. This is the one I going for ... it won't be ready til next year so I am still on the fence.

Spode Christmas Tree is my holiday pattern and I love how traditional it is.  I collect the older pieces, made in England, and add a few pieces each year as I find them.  This year I added a few serving pieces and I have my eye on a teapot I saw locally which would be so fun for making hot cocoa.  If you are collecting as well I sell pieces I find in the shop seasonally and am currently sold out.  You can also find pieces on Replacements in a couple of patterns.  I prefer the original pattern, it's my favorite with the green trim.  I found these mugs last year at Homegoods and I know have six of them.  I am making a wish list for my husband and I think these plates need to be included.  They may not make it here by Christmas, but I am totally ok with that bit of information. Aren't they darling?  I also love these charger plates in the same tartan pattern. 

Oh, Bauble Stockings, to know about them is to love them so.  You can read all about the tradition in this blog post.  We have five and each year I put something special inside to open at the end of the gift opening.  This year I am so excited about what I am including! For me it is always a small, but meaningful, gift.  I hope they continue this tradition in their homes. 

I would love to hear about your traditions and collections ... tell me everything.  I think it is so interesting how families celebrate.  My husband's family always opened gifts with their extended family on Christmas eve with a big dinner.  I wonder if this is how we will celebrate once the children have their own families?  We shall see, but it does sound magical! 💗

Photos by Angie Webb


  1. I have my children their ornaments as well. One daughter has them all on family room tree. Growing up they had small trees in their rooms that held their ornaments.

    I love vintage ornaments myself.

    One years I tried to change our tradition of Mexican food on Christmas Eve. Met with a resounding "No!".

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful decorations. Merry Christmas!

  2. We do love our traditions! I love your pretty colorful home and your Staffordshsire dogs. I collect them too and that's kinda what drew me in to your blog!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I just gave both of my girls "their" ornaments that I've collected for the past 31 years! It was a little sad, but I didn't give them all to them. I really need to finish going through the boxes that I didn't bring down from the garage. One daughter completely redecorated her tree after taking hers. It was stunning! I haven't seen the other tree yet. I love Christmas and so do they. They have Christmas trees all over their respective places. It's fun to watch them discover their decorating skills.
    I remember getting to open one gift on Christmas Eve. My kids did it once or twice but we never kept up with it.
    Your home looks so beautiful and inviting. Hope you have a great Christmas.



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