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LA ...

I am loving my trip ... what can I say? I have not been on vacation by myself in 18 months. I was in desparate need of some me time!!!

Friday is a blurr ... racing to get to the airport on time is not my favorite thing to do. Lawyer drove me and insisted I would make my flight even though we left at 9:45 and my flight was 11:10. He knows what he speaks ... that is true! Got to the gate just as they were boarding ... perfect timing.

I arrived to freezing cold weather and rain. Don't they know it is not supposed to rain in LA? I was prepared for sunny skies and 70 degrees. My outfit was not enough for 50 and pouring rain. Let's just say I miss my uggs!! Poor planning!!!

I spent all day yesterday snuggled up to the sweetest baby boy ... I am completely smitten and totally doing all I can to spoil them both. It is currently 8:30 am here and Hollis is still sound asleep in bed while I am blogging and watching sweet baby sleep. You so quickly forget how sweet they are at only 8 weeks. I was so sleep deprived I am sure I would have traded my first born stricken with colic to a hooker on the corner for another hour of sleep. How sad is that?

We snuck away yesterday after lunch for Confessions of a Shopaholic. It is darling and I highly suggest to take it in. Very cute and the fashion is to do for!! I am on lock down in the shopping department ... but if not I could have easily strolled into the sample sale across from the theatre I spotted as we left! We all love some retail therapy ... but I am very thankful that Lawyer and I have no credit card debt. That would be frightening in this economy!

Finished off the night with thai food and Sweet Home Alabama. Our green curry with tofu was amazing and we split that and Pad Sewee. Absolutely the cutest thai place ever!!!! Decorated like Anthrologie and smelled of heaven ... what more is there?

I am off to warm sweet baby's bottle and make some coffee ...

I will be in debt to Lawyer for another 18 months for spoiling me with this trip. He is the best and I am thankful to call him my Valentine!!

Kisses to you, MPM


On vacay ...

Headed out of town for a little vacation to Los Angeles!!! My best friend had a baby in December and I am going to love on both of them.

I will miss you, but I will be blogging ... so see you soon!


New Header compliments of ...

You have asked and here she is ...

A Southern Accent designed the adorable new header. She will do it for you too ... just email her at Her fee is small and she will not stop until you are happy!

And Lord knows I am picky! Just ask anyone ...


New look ...

Your thoughts ... don't we LOVE it!!!


Horoscopes ...

June Cleaver gave me a journal for my birthday with the horoscopes on the front. During her birthday lunch we had been discussing my horoscope. I knew I was a Capricorn but I had no idea what my horoscope would say about me. I am not a believer in reading or following horoscopes ... it contradicts my faith and my faith in God keeps me afloat!!

Fast forward to my birthday when she gifted me with the journal. I read what it said about Capricorns and then moved on. I must say it was accurate and that intrigued me.

Lawyer comes out of the water closet the other day and says to me ... "Hey, have you read the front of this book. Did you notice what it says about the kids?" That never occurred to me. Maybe it is my lack of free time or the fact I am not a big reader in the old WC.

I decided to check it out ...

Babycakes is a Virgo ... Serious, thoughtful, cautious, modest, studious and is most anxious to accumulate knowledge. Very active, desires wealth but finds it hard to save, quick tempered, but will arbitrate, fond of art and literature and language, hard to discourage but inclined to worry. Suitable occupation - Do well as merchants, especially those dealing in clothing. Dead on description!!

Little Mister is an Aries ... Determined, impulsive and ambitious, enterprising. They are fiery, dislike masters but are forgiving, quick witted, loves justice and freedom. They are enthusiastic, philosophical and persistent, at best at the head of things. Suitable occupations - teacher, builder or explorer. Pretty darn close, even the occupation is perfect ... he loves to collect rocks!

Little Lawyer is a Sagittarius ... Joyful, hopeful, generous and charitable, active and enterprising, persevering and self-reliant, outspoken, honest, strong willed, in speech they do not hint but shoot right at the mark, their prediction of any enterprise is generally correct. Suitable occupations - explorers, divines or lawyers. Seriously ... do they live in my house?

I must say it is very interesting ... I am now convinced when you are born definitely plays on your character ... at least it does in my house!


Motherhood ... 24-7 ... are you man enough to try it?

Lawyer is a great husband. He knows he has a wife that will put up with his shenanagins. He knows better than to attack me as a mother and a wife. He would not stay home with the kids unless forced to ... he says they can smell fear! Our relationship works and we have our roles. He works really hard and worries about money 24/7 ... I get to take care of the rest.

I have friends who are not so lucky. They are married to selfish people. I do not understand selfish. How can you be married and a parent and be selfish? I can just see it now ... my child is puking and sick with fever and I say to them ... "just a moment, Mommy needs to shower, shave, have her coffee and run and then I will be back to help you". Motherhood does not work that way and we both know it is true. Is it the way they (selfish people) were raised or do they just think they are more important?

I have decided that we all are entitled to the perfect husband (PH)! Wouldn't we all love one?? What would you ask for? I would like my coffee made and brought to me in the morning, for you to offer me a snack or a meal when you are making one for yourself, my gas tank filled at all times, my car serviced when needed, the trash always taken out when needed, the kids disciplined when it is appropriate and most of all for my PH to realize that after a very long day of chasing kids, doing mundane chores, cleaning up the house and putting myself last that I may want a glass of wine, the laptop and a hot bath after a long day and the kids are tucked in bed.

That is all the things I will pass down to my boys. Honor your wives, realize they work hard and deserve a lot of praise. They like little post it notes telling them to have a great day. They like calls during the day for things other than "what's for dinner" and "did you get the drycleaning". They like to feel special. Be able to cook, clean and wash clothes to pitch in when she needs the help. Remember that she works just as hard as you and you would never want the person you work for to pop in and say ... "what do you do all day?" or "seriously .. I could do your job, its easy".

And most of all ... do not ever attack her! No woman wants to be put down! Ever! It is not kind nor is it manly!

Be a man ... and be kind to your wife!


Tag ... I am it!

I was tagged by Preppy 101!!

This tag instructs the blogger to do the following:
Go to your pictures
Choose the 6th Folder
Choose the 6th picture in the Folder
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My photo in the 6th folder is from this years' Christmas party. Three friends and I have a huge party for all of our friends the first Friday in December. We hire a band, make tons of food and all have an amazing time. This photo is of me and Hair Girl. She is adorable and amazing with hair!! She has given all the hosts (over the years) sassy wine glasses for different occassions, We all used them that evening. Mine is the Shopaholic. She is convinced it is perfect for me ... I am still in denial. This photo was taken early in the evening ... later that night I am pretty sure she was hanging with Paint Boy and has ended up in her current state of pregnant. The math works ...
I am just saying ...

I tag ... Mrs News Readin'

Misadventures of a Newlywed

Sippy Cups are for Chardonnay

Hair Girl

Monogrammed Tahoe

Muffy Martini



Monogram Me ...

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Babycakes is in!

After a long day (of me walking around in a fog) and a wonderful nights rest I am once again human!!!

4 am was worth every minute!!! Babycakes is registered for Georgia pre-k!! I know I freaked some of you out with the thought that you must be up and ready and crack thirty for preschool ... and you do if you want the coveted 28 spots at the cute little school she will be attending. The Georgia lottery pays for pre-k in certain schools and daycare facilities. Each school has a limited number of spots and they are first come, first serve. We could have left her in her fabulous Christian preschool for another year ... but I wanted her to have a stronger preparation for kindergarten. She will go to school next year all five days from 830-3 and attend a watered down version of kindergarten for free!!! Yes ... if you want a free slot you get up at crack thirty with the roosters!

I am thrilled! This is the perfect option for my baby. She misses the cut off this year by mere days and she is quick and bright and needs the extra curriculum. And can I say it again ... FREE? I just got a $400 raise per month next year.

All in all ... it was worth every minute of the giggling, gossiping, chewing the fat, coffee sipping moment that I shared with dear friends.

She is set for a great year! (and some am I!!)


Crack-Thirty ...

Here it is crack thirty and I am headed out to stake my place in line for prek. I swore I would never be one of those moms. Guess what ... I have now arrived.

I am set. I have my pink and green chair, burberry blanket wrap, forms on a clipboard tied with a bow, coffee in plaid thermos and the Sex and the City movie packed.

I am not thinking I will be graded on my appearance ... but just in case I did wear a cute sweater and pack my lip gloss.

Cuz you should always be prepared ...

... that's just how this mommy rolls!

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