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Grab your wine ... this is a long one!

Ok ... here is my catch up post!  There is lots to report ...

The good news ...
My nephew Scott is doing well.  He is getting stronger and stronger each and every day!  He has been telling his story to churches and groups.  He is truly an inspiration to me.  He wasn't supposed to live.  He not only made it but will make a full recovery.  I am in awe of the miracle God has performed in his life. 

Monogram Me is sooo busy!  It is show season and I am working day and night.  I am tired and have worked hours on end ... but you will not hear me complain.  Busy = success!  New products hit the blog Monday ... so make your lists.  There are so many cute items!!!

The kids are good.  Actually they are great!  Little Mister has gone almost a month without a trip to the principal.  (Now that I have said it I will get a call tomorrow)  He now calls her Martha (only at home I swear) and is working each day towards lunch with her on Fridays.  I have tried to explain to him that most kids do not want to spend their lunch time with "Martha" ... but he does not seem to compute!

Little Lawyer is zooming along in 7th grade.  He has spent his school career being the quiet kid.  Doesn't say much and kind of runs under the radar.  Not this year.  He is blossoming and it is truly funny to watch.  He got his first party invite and is now convinced he is popular.  In fact he has used that word numerous times this week.  He is one of 45 kids in the 7th grade in the private school he attends.  There ALL popular!
Two and a half months ago Lawyer decided to hang his own shingle.  I freaked out ... started praying, freaked out some more and then began to settle in.  I must say it is the best thing he has ever done.  He is almost stress free and loves working for his clients and not a firm.  Now if he would stay away from my to do list all would be perfect!  He is constantly checking on me ... bleech!

Now on to the sad part ...
As I reported above my nephew is doing well and will make a complete recovery.  He made a trip to South Carolina last week to be reunited with the three brothers involved in the rollover with him.  Since they all had different injuries they ended up different places.  One of the brothers is still in a coma ... but miracles are happening in his life as well.  My SIL and Scott returned home Thursday afternoon to SILs parents who had come for a visit.  Scott has not seen his grandparents since the accident.  They were enjoying some family time when his grandmother had a seizure.  She was transported to the hospital to check for a stroke.  She did not have a stroke but does have a inoperable brain tumor.  Her time left with them is uncertain but shorter rather than longer.  My heart is broken for my SIL yet again.  She almost lost a precious son three months ago in a terrible car accident.  He was spared!   Now she will lose her mother.  What does one say?  I litterally had nothing ... lots of tears, but no words!

Another caring bridge page is up.  She is now writing not one but two updates. 

Once again ... I am asking for your prayers ... for peace and strength in her terrible time!

I missed you guys ... hope you are all well!!!
xoxo ... MPM

I'm here ... just working!!!

This is the time of year when I work 24/7 ... the Christmas rush has begun!  Market was awesome!!!  We worked really hard and it was more than worth it!  I have been working the last two weeks on new products for Christmas and prepping for my holiday open house.  It is one big pink and green studio all wrapped in cello!!!

New products will be up online on Monday ... they are darling and I am sure you will love them!  Great products at great prices!

Two shows in two weeks ... lots of prep to finish!

Off to mart today ... will update tonight.  I have much to tell you ...

... but you may need a glass of wine!!!



Off to Market ...

I am helping Preppy Paper Girl at Mistletoe Market this week!!!  Her booth looks amazing as always and we are having a blast!

It is pink and green and Christmas Happies heaven!

See you Monday!



Help Zachary!

NBC World News Tonight ran this story this evening.  Zachary is a six year old boy from Delaware who took his cub scout food tool for camping to school in his pocket.  If you are not familiar with this tool it looks like a pocket knife but folds out to be a spoon, fork and a knife.  When the tool fell out of his pocket in the hallway he was immediately suspended.  The Zero Tolerance policy states he must spend 45 days in a reform school before being allowed to return to his school.

We are talking about a six year old!  Zero Tolerance is very necessary for the safety of our children.  I stand behind it!  I do not stand behind a one size fits all system.  Our children should not be treated as though they are criminals when they barely understand the definition of the word weapon.

I too have been in Zachary's mothers shoes.  It sucks!  There is no other way to put it.  Your children being punished for something they clearly are not old enough to understand.  One size does not fit all.  It does not work for clothes and doesn't work for our children!  Rules need to be in place.  Each rule violation needs to be looked at and evaluated on a case by case basis!  You can not possibly treat each child the exact same way.  No child should ever be picked up in class by a team of people with walkie talkies and delivered to a room without their parents.  They can not be in custody.  They still require car seats!

Hear the whole story here ...

If you feel led ... please sign his electronic petition at


Please think before you leave me a comment ... I am asking that you realize I post this entry because I have been there!  I speak out for my child and not to ruffle your feathers.  Please know you post things I may or may not agree with but I refrain from leaving unhelpful commments ... I ask you to do the same!



I have a working computer!  I can finally move on!

Lawd ... that was a long week!

Many emails to answer, promotional coupons to send out ... much to do!!!

Have a great Sunday!



Computer + CPR = pretty good!!

Ok ... I have picked up said sad computer and it is currently ready to be plugged back in in my studio.

So far ... so good.

I will not begin to understand all that BIL said to me but this much I did get ... all of my information is still on the computer but the applications are gone.  Ok ... huh?  Amazing BIL works for the Lottery.  He writes scientific games for a living and can basically rescue anything from the dead.  Just putting his hand on it makes it better.

It is running ... not sure how.  I have fonts but no software to load them.  I have photos but the software that stores my photos is gone.  I have documents but no software to open, read or edit them.  Basically I need to spend most of tomorrow getting all the programs and apps back and then we shall see.

The first thing I will be doing?  Loading all my work stuff on an external hard drive.  Pronto!

Keep your fingers crossed ... I should be up and running by dinner!!! 

Atleast that is my plan ...

A little postal ...

My computer died on Friday night.  Like died.  Would not even turn on. 

We are not talking about my laptop where I post, answer emails and enjoy life.

We are talking about Monogram Me's computer. 

My business is in that computer ... my life line!

My brother in law is working on it and I will know soon whether or not it can be saved.

Pray for me and for it ...

... it does not have a DNR so I am hoping for the best ...

If not I will be having wine for dinner and dessert and trying to figure out how to recreate 80% off my business.

It is not good!!!


OCD Marathon ...

This afternoon I treated myself to back to back to back episodes of Flipping Out.  I adore Jeff Lewis.  How can you not adore him?  His warped sense of humor and his need for utter perfection had me the first time I ever watched the show.  I would work for him in a minute.  I simply adore a gay man and he is nothing short of perfect!

Jenni ... love her!  It takes a strong woman to put up with someone so demanding.  Why in the world she married Chris the loser I do not know ... thank the Lord she is rid of him now!  She has worked hard for seven years and should be up for an award for making it past the first month.

Trace ... he is simply darling!  The boy can not get out of bed until he wins at the checkers app on his cell phone.  He must win a game before he gets up.  Oh ... and then add in the day he wore the short shorts to work.  Jeff's comment ... "he's going to get beat up today!"  Love it!  Does it get any better?

Zoila ... how in the world she puts up with him is beyond me.  She is simply a saint!  Jeff was so sad when she became a US citizen ... he could no longer threaten to deport her.  And then there was the day she fed him the bad bacon.  It was months out of date and he was throwing up for two days.   He insists he will no longer eat bacon.  Her response ... "you got lots of rest and thin".  Love her!

Ryan ... he makes me nervous.  He is one of those friends that puts money first.  That with Jeff's paranoia is the perfect recipe for complete disaster!  His daughter is darling and Jeff is determined to corrupt her.  She is 2 1/2 and her favorite drink is Chardonnay, she wants to work at Hooters when she grows up and when Jeff asks her what she wants for Christmas ... she says a boob job!  He is one bad uncle!

Bravo ... Tuesdays at 10 ... check it out!  You will love him.

Pinky swear!

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