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Gold for the win!!

As I mentioned before ... my entry way needed some pizzazz.  I love the furniture arrangement and it definitely needs a rug but other than that I love it.  Well almost, its the walls ... it just lacks something!      


And then I started seeing stripes!  And I loved them!!!  I really am drawn to the black and white stripes but I think its too graphic for the rest of my house.  So I just sat and did nothing .. all the while sitting in my office staring at the boring walls of the entry.

Until yesterday!!!  When I finally made a decision ... Gold!!

Its the perfect choice.  The stripes I want, the pizzazz the space needs.  I am giddy with excitement over the amazing-ness that will exist when I am done!!  EEK!!


OMG ... just look at the perfection in these stripes!!!  I am thinking not too thin and not thick because I do want the space to fit in with the rest of the house ... so how about 6 inches?


And I definitely want the metallic look so where do I find metallic wall paint??  Martha Stewart for Home Depot, of course.  I am in Home Depot more than any girl should be and I have never noticed that small section at the bottom of her paint wall labeled "Metallics".  Of course she has a metallic collection ... why wouldn't she?  My choice for the wall ... Tiger's Eye.


Seriously ... with every pic I get a little more excited!!!  This is happening ... like TODAY!!


 I have settled on vertical stripes ... that will look a tiche like wallpaper when its done.  

And I am supposed to limit myself to one dose of caffeine a day (long story) but this day may call for a second cup of something.  And some great music and kids who play outside in this amazing 60 degree weather.  Yes, its all coming together!!


I love the look of stripes with the black frames that will be hanging on my stairwell.  And mixed with my silhouette collection. With the perfect contrast of the black handrails and then a leopard rug on the floor.  Dear lord, I may have just made myself dizzy with excitement!!!

Stay tuned!!



Do you accent?

I first starting drinking the shellac manicure cool-aid about 2 years ago.   The first time I ever heard the term shellac manicure it was on a blog.  As I have mentioned many times I am an avid reader of the Little Green Notebook.  I noticed that no matter what DIY she did or how messy her hands got her manicure always looked FLAWLESS.  And this girl will tackle anything!!  Never uses gloves, yet her nails always shined like the top of the Chrysler building.  One day she blogged about her manicures and I was instantly convinced.   Oh, and PSA ... If you don't read her blog you must start.  Jenny has the most amazing style and is currently redoing their new house in Arizona.  BY HERSELF!  I am hooked to my computer screen each morning after the kids head to school.  She's wicked talented!!

I have been getting shellac nails ever since.  The manicure usually lasts me about three weeks, sometimes not as long depending on how much my nails grow.  The one I am currently sporting is a month old and there will be NO photos.  It's bad news bears tacky.  Must remedy tomorrow!


In the past couple of weeks I have found myself drawn to the idea of an accent nail.  I love it on others but always thought it too risky for my own hand.  I mean, I pick fun colors ... orange, yellow, grey, hot pink, neon, turquoise (at the moment) ... but I usually get them all done identical.

It's time for a change ... time to shake it up!! I cut my hair off ... and steered away from my usual go to blond high lights.  Oh, and I bought camouflage ... quite a few items actually.  This is just nail polish!  

This is the current color on my nails ... and I love the glitter nail!  

I am in!!




Wedding cake light ...

Still working on the green stripes plan ... Its a huge time investment and I want to make sure I will love it in the end!

In the mean time ... I hung a new chandelier in the entry.  It hung in my Nana's house my entire childhood and now graces the most visited place in mine. 

When I received the light it needed rewiring and I was sure a good cleaning.  The base was separate from the prisms and it looked very much like a rusty pie plate with more rusty rings attached.  I walked into Lamp Arts and was sure Hunter would look at my sideways.  What I was holding was anything less than glamorous yet it meant more than the world to me.  

He took the base, told me I was the proud owner of a wedding cake light and they are highly sought after and incredibly beautiful.  He looked at my teary face and told me it was incredibly special and I was lucky to have it.  He insisted we not clean it at all and leave the perfectly aged patina as it was.  And that's exactly what we did.  A week later I picked up my rusty pie plate and its rings and brought it home to install in the entry way.

I love every single thing about this light.  I love that it hung in her house and now graces mine.  I love that it makes the most amazing pattern on my ceiling when its lit.  I love that when the sun from the transom over the front door hits the light it creates rainbows on the wall by the staircase.  I love that I cried with each prism I hung thinking of every single thing that light and she meant to me.  I love that my oldest stood at the base of the ladder and handed me every single prism.  

As I hung the light and cried I told my oldest why my grandparents bought this light.  One of my grandmother's favorite movies was Pollyanna.  She loved the precious girl in the movie and that she made a whole town happy.  Mr. Pendergast teaches Pollyanna about refracted light and they love the rainbows the sun paints on the wall.  I remember watching this movie with my grandparents one Sunday when it came on as the weekly Disney movie.  One of my absolute favorite childhood memories. 

I hope that one day this light will be hung in one of my children's homes and they will love it just as much as I do!



My love of green

I have forever loved green.  And truly I love all shades of it ... lime, mint, grass, apple, forest ... they are all good and I love how easy they are to marry with another color.  

For me green is like black ... every room can use a little.  Even if its just a lush green plant!!

I would say my absolute go to shade of green is grass or better described as Kate Spade Green.  The kind of green that makes things look rich, lush and full of life.

For the longest time I have stared at my foyer and wanted something different.  Something that said ... WOW!  I love all the furniture and pops of blue and white but the walls and the stairwell is lacking.  First I wanted a solid color, then when we added wainscoting in the entry and up the stair case I realized a solid color wouldn't be enough for me.  The office on one side is turquoise, the dining room on the other side is pink.  I have enough color going on in the area.  I wanted WOW! 

I do love all the fullness that this green adds to the space.  However ... once again it is the focal point.  She doesn't have two rooms screaming color on either side. 

Then I saw some pictures rolling around Instagram of black striped wallpaper and I started thinking about nothing but stripes!

Aren't they fabulous??  Absolutely divine??  I would love nothing more than to stripe my entry way and up the stairs.  I was first leaning heavily toward the black and white but after sitting with that idea for a few weeks I realize that is way to abstract for the rest of my house.  I wish it would work but I don't want the entry way to not match the rest of my decor.  

So after some consideration I have decided to stripe the entry way green and white and paint the back of my 12 light door black.  It will give me the contrast I desire and will be perfect with the black handrails on the stairs.  

Then I will update my frames for the gallery wall going up the stairs from black to gold with the help of spray paint.  The green in the entry will flow with the dining room and its green and white plates hung on the walls, the office with its green cornices and splashes of green and lastly the den, with its green pillows, panels and majolica galore.  

And the foyer will have the WOW I want. 

Or let's hope!




Words to live by!

One of my Pinterest boards is labeled "Words to Live By" and contain a number of scripture and family based sayings.   The following two are staples for me ... I look at them daily and have them both saved on my phone ...

This one has been a lifeline to me in the past three months.  Some days are longer than others and this is the verse I cling to in those moments!

This one speaks to my heart so clearly.  I struggle with anxiety and fear.  Some days I feel like fear is a noose around my neck!  When I get to that place ... this verse comforts me each and every time.

And then there's this one ... 

Gotta love some Elizabeth Taylor!!

This is something my Nana would have said to me ... put on your big girl panties and make it work!



Greek key love ...

I am obsessed with Greek key trim!  Like I want to use it everywhere ... which is obviously a bad plan.  I recently fluffed up our study (fancy word for room with the computer) and used my first piece of Greek key trim.  Now I am obsessed!  Like OBSESSED!

I used the Ikea off white panels and attached the creamy yellow Greek key trim.  If you haven't used Ikea panels before I highly recommend you do.  The quality is amazing and you can't beat ready to hang panels!!  Or the price ... $27.99 for the pair. Snatch them up without thinking!!  

So the office is done ... and now I am on to panels in the guest bedroom!!  And since its a completely different floor I can use Greek key trim again!!  

I am planning to paint the guest bedroom navy so this picture seals the deal for me.  And after locating the pic on The Pink Pagoda ... the queen of Chinoserie ... I am sure it will perfect!!

I am thinking trimming the sides and the bottom of the panels will be the perfect solution.  I mean the more Greek key the better, right??

Measured my panels and ordered the trim I need from M&J Trimming and will pop down to Ikea this week.  I should have the room finished in ... who knows when?? 

But I am excited!!! 


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