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Christmas at Farmdale Cottage

I have been a long time lover of all things James Farmer.  And while I stalk him quite regularly love from afar, we actually have not had the pleasure of meeting in person. His work as an Interior Designer is stunning and his books are collectors for sure (just snagged two for my mama for Christmas) and each image you see it is clear to understand why he is considered a lifestyle expert. What I love most are the personal photos he shares on Instagram.  I love his home, Farmdale, and how warm, welcoming and cozy it feels all months of the year.  I adore his love of adventure and enjoy watching his travels and friendships.  And his pup, Sampson ... that precious dog is just too adorable for words!


Christmas Brunch with Coton Colors

Last Saturday I put a pause in the busy to gather with seven of my closest friends to spend a morning of fellowship and celebration.  We gathered in the kitchen for brunch and spent a few hours truly just enjoying each other's company.  In the month of December when every single thing seems to be on fast forward it was a lovely way to spend the morning just sitting and loving on those girls who mean so much to me.  The laughter, good food and giggles carried me way past that morning for a fabulous memory I won't soon forget.


Christmas in the Dining Room

I love setting a table and setting a table in the dining room makes me beyond excited!  I have the dining room all set and ready for Christmas dinner and this year may be my favorite by far.  All decked in green and blue and with many touches of gold ... all it needs is my sweet family and a yummy meal!

I used my favorite collection of monogrammed antique Limoges dishes and some of our collection of Staffordshire pups when setting the table.  I love using what we own and combining it with some new pieces, the malachite dishes and the opaline glasses, to set a table that we will sit around and create another Christmas memory.  

Just like the rest of the house, I used satin ribbon on the pups, wreath and tree.  I love the simpleness of the satin ribbon and how it just hangs so perfectly.  I did use the pink wired satin ribbon from the wreaths on the front of the house for the larger pups, I felt like they needed a little extra love!  

My darling assistant found these amazing pagoda napkins while we were shopping at Ballard Designs right after Thanksgiving.  She literally gasped and said ... are those pagodas?  and I knew they would be perfect for the table.  We also found the darling crackers at Ballard Designs and I have some matching place cards that I will put out on Christmas Eve.  The crackers and place cards truly match perfectly!

I mixed our antique Limgoes dishes with another set of antique plates that are pale pink with gold rims.  I love mixing together more than one plate to create layers on the table.  The ruffle on the blue chargers makes me super happy and the gold woven place mat rounds the whole look out.  When I first set the table I was bothered by the fact that I wasn't using a tablecloth but the more time I look at the table I love the natural antique wood showing.  This table belonged to my inlaws before it came to us and I love the details in the wood.  

One evening while I was heading up for bed I decided this corner needed a little something special and I grabbed my favorite vintage gold tree and set it up.  I love that it doesn't have any lights but yet makes it feel so cozy in the corner.  I dressed it with some vintage ornaments and tons of gold beads and I could not love it more.  

The tree skirt is one I picked up at an antique store last year and its so darling.  I love the green color and the gold details make me so very happy.  Someone spent a lot of time stitching all the amazing scenes on the skirt and each one is just so precious.  It has a darling scallop detail and I am so thrilled to be able to use it this year in the dining room.  I purchased it after Christmas last year so this is the first year I have been able to use it.   

I absolutely love vintage tree toppers.  They are so simple yet so perfect for the top of a tree.  I love pairing mine with a big bow.  When I tied this one I left the tails longer than normal to match all the simple satin ones I used around the house.  This ribbon is the same as the pink I used on the outside of the house, just in green. I love it so very much. 

Along with the vintage ornaments on the tree I mixed in a few I purchased this year from Anthropologie.  I love the big white swans and the tiny pink champagne bottles.  They mix perfectly with my older ornaments and they are both very special to me.  Who doesn't love champagne to celebrate the special moments ... and pink bottles, umm #yesplease!  When I was a child we fed the swans many days at one of the lakes in Lakeland where I grew up and to this day a white swan takes me right back to being a small child.  These swans are truly beautiful.  It's very hard to see in these photos but the swans have the most amazing glitter beaks.  Truly so precious!

I have had the gold bamboo flatware for a few years now and I never tire of using it to set a table.  It is heavy and fabulous and I love the amazing detail it gives to each place setting.  I have a lot of people ask me where I purchased it and it is often sold on Etsy.  (search gold bamboo flatware for many listings)

I think this image may be my absolute favorite ... the bright green of the napkin with the pale pink of the plate and the blue charger along with all the gold touches ... it is exactly what I envisioned in my mind for this year's Christmas table!  I think the blue glasses and the brass goblets make me super happy as well, I am a girl who loves her details.  

I am in charge of all the pretty details and Lawyer is in charge of all the yummy ones.  I am not sure what he has in mind yet for our meal but I know it will be delicious and we will linger for a while over dinner and conversation.  I have so many little touches planned for the evening that I hope will be memorable for all of us.  As the kids get older it is harder to keep them interested but worth it when it happens. 

Merry Christmas from our vintage styled dining room to you!  


Styling Event with J.Crew

Happy Tuesday!  I am super excited today as I will be spending some of my time today at my J.Crew (ps. my very favorite store) doing what I love most, styling clothes!!  Since my background is fashion I always get a little giddy when I can spend some serious time in a store doing what I spent so many years doing ... playing with clothes.  I have always loved fashion and styling an outfit is one of the best parts of getting dressed every day.  And on the days when I get to pull out all the stops and wear something super fabulous ... well that is just the best day ever!!


Wrapping Gifts with Design Design

Happy Tuesday!!  Now that the house is all dressed for Christmas its time to tackle the stack of gifts. I absolutely love to wrap gifts ... I set myself up in front of a fabulous holiday movie and knock it out. Lots of cocoa, some candy to fuel me along (as if the cocoa isn't enough) and I am good to go!


My Office at Christmas with At Home ...

I love the entire house decorated for Christmas, but I have to say I think decorating the office is the most fun I have.  My office provides me with so much daily inspiration so decorating it for the holiday season just sparks my creative juices even more!!  When At Home offered to let me shop to decorate the office I might have skipped all the way to the store. I love At Home, they have so many fun things and it changes so often I am always excited to see what's new in the store.


Our Christmas Home Tour Vol.2

Happy Friday!!!  As you all well know this is my most favorite day of the week ... and a Friday in December just makes it even more amazing!!! I love yesterday's post ... the first view into the Minear home all decorated for Christmas.  I absolutely love the home we have created and seeing it all dolled up for a holiday makes me love it even more!!

If only each of you could come over for coffee, or even better for cocktails!


Our Christmas Home Tour Vol.1

Welcome to the Minear home all dressed for Christmas!!  Today as part of the 12 Days of Holiday Homes tour hosted by the darling 11 Magnolia Lane and Evolution of Style I am sharing part of our home all dolled up and ready to celebrate the season.  This year I focused on simplicity when decorating.  You will spot satin ribbon, old fashioned candy (my favorite) and all of our pups and nutcrackers all dolled up.


TPC Loves Pizzazzerie

It is no secret that I adore Courtney Whitmore and her darling business Pizzazzerie.  Courtney is a stylist extraordinaire and her attention to detail makes my detail loving heart skip many a beat. You will love her tables,  recipes and every single thing she creates for her blog and many incredible brands.


Christmas Under Construction ...

Omg, I have been absent and I hate when that happens.  I feel like I forgot to wear pants or show up to a major event or something huge when I don't have time to post.  It is like that horrible nightmare we all have ... except real life!  #boohiss  I am putting the last touches on our home for Christmas while doing nine other things (including a small bathroom reno, what was I thinking?) and the days fly by way too quickly for me.  I truly feel like December days should just be longer than most ... don't you agree?

Our home all dressed for Christmas will be live on the blog this Thursday as part of the incredible 12 days of Christmas tour hosted by 11 Magnolia Lane and Evolution of Style.  I am part of a group of incredibly talented bloggers with amazing homes and you need to make sure you read every single one of them.  I have attached the schedule below so you can visit each of them!  Oh ... and we are sponsored by Lynch Creek Farm who sells the most incredible live wreaths.  Mine is huge and smells like New England and makes me smile every single time I see it on the front door!!


Style Sister

It is no secret that my favorite store is J.Crew. I love the mix of the bold with the old school prep vibe that stays around season after season.  But it isn't just the clothes that keeps me coming back, its Jenna Lyons and her incredible style.  I am in love with Jenna Lyons style.  Madly in love actually. Her style just speaks to me.  I love that she mixes patterns like a rock star and truly shys away from nothing.   I mean, we were meant be sisters really ...


My Cyber Monday Picks

Happy Monday!!!  I hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous and you gobbled til you wobbled just like we did.  I don't know what makes me eat so much at one meal ... maybe it is all the incredible food.  It happens every year and the left overs may be my very favorite part. #stuffinggravysweetpotatoeswithasideofcranplease


Black Friday Goodness

Black Friday is one of my favorite days of the year ... the excitement and the amazing sales always begin my gift shopping season. This year since we are celebrating our oldest's birthday I am forgoing my usual early morning shopping spree for sleeping in and breakfast at Waffle House. It's his day and he will chose the festivities all day long.  Pass the waffle and the crispy bacon with a side of hashbrowns please!!

So many of the sales are available on line so I suggest pouring another cup of amazing coffee and shopping in your jams for all the incredible sales.  Here are the ones I have gathered along with the pieces I will be stalking!!

Top || Pant || Leather Clutch || Vest || Slippers || Pajamas || Scarf ||
Jewelry Roll || Eye Mask || Heels (similar) || Bow Top || Camisole Set


Must Have Plaid ... (and on sale!)

I interrupt your Thanksgiving week (and mine) to bring you my favorite plaid items.  I was leisurely drinking coffee in my jams this morning and I popped over to my favorite shop to realize so many things I love were 40 percent off.  It was time to put the coffee down and make sure you knew immediately a sale was happening.  And I promise you ... very few things are worth setting down a hot cup of coffee!!


Thanks and Giving Table

As I prepare to celebrate the amazing holiday that Thanksgiving is I can't help but reflect on all the incredible blessings I have been given.  Just as the attendees of the first Thanksgiving we set aside this day to reflect and give thanks for all we have.  As I mention quite a bit I am immensely blessed.  With both family, friends and of course each of you my life is full and rich and truly lacks for nothing.  I have to remember that many days when I spot the new #fillintheblank that captures each of our eyes.


One Room Challenge || Fall 2016 Reveal

I have never been more excited, or relieved, to be able to compose a post in the nine years I have been blogging.  I have access to my blog and the incredible images that were shot of our recently completed One Room Challenge space.  I will keep my chat until the end since I am dying to show you each and every inch of the room.

Without further ado ... our new Master Bedroom ~

The amazing Butler Tray comes with a stand which we used in the last One Room Challenge in the den.  To show the tray used in a new way I left the tray off in this room.  I love both styles and of course the hand painted tortoise is everything to me.  

Headboards || Fabric || Antique Silhouettes || Brackets (estate sale)

Bedside Table || Stool (vintage) || Lamp || Pups ||
 Candle (gift from Parker Kennedy Living) || Monogrammed Mint Julep Cup || 

(The stools were custom painted and covered with fabric to match the room)

Drapery Fabric || Chair

Double Happiness Jars (estate sale) || Yellow Cache Pots (gift) || Lamp || 
Dressers (inherited pieces) || Tassels (estate sale) 

First of all I must thank each and every one of you for being so kind and patient to me during these last five days of waiting.  It was awful for me and yet I had to step back and let it all work itself out. I honestly felt like an expectant mother who was trying to have a baby only to be told many times she wasn't ready and had to leave the hospital.  Been there done that and it bites, pinky swear! The best part of me for these challenges is reveal day and when I couldn't produce the post for you I was heartbroken.  Your support and grace meant everything to me!!

You can catch up here -

Week 1 ... Before
Week 2 ... The Plan and Fabric
Week 3 ... Paint, Accessories and tons of sneaks
Week 4 ... Headboards, Lamps and the Final Plan
Week 5 ... Almost done

I am truly thrilled that we now have the master bedroom we both truly wanted!  I pulled together who we are and all the things we love to create a space that is both relaxing and beautiful and perfectly fits our home.  And the bathroom looks even better now that the bedroom matches it perfectly!

Thank you Linda for creating the One Room Challenge. You work so incredibly hard for each and every one of us that are privileged to participate. I now have seven amazing spaces in my home that I can thank you for helping me and encouraging me to create. Our house is so much more a home and we have you to thank for that!

Thank you House Beautiful Magazine. It has been a pleasure creating this space with your amazing magazine following along.  Since you were such fans of my room the first round as our media sponsor I strove to create another room you would love. I have loved and read House Beautiful for many years and reading the 120 anniversary issue was so special, especially reading it in my new room!

All images by the insanely talented and patient Christina Wedge.  Without you holding my hand as you shot these for me I would have collapsed!  I adore you!!

All sources will be added this evening, I couldn't wait to get these to you and I am hitting publish and then adding sources.  Make sure you check back for every single one!

Thank you for following along with me on this journey and reading daily. I am truly blessed! xo

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