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Mother's Day Gifts Edit


I have the best Mother's Day roundup for you, along with ideas on how to gift it, what to pair with it, and how to gift it.  I think gift-giving is about the thought behind it, the time spent choosing, and how it is gifted.  No matter what you choose, add idea number 18.  It will mean the most and be the best gift she has ever received.  💗


Tips For Setting A Beautiful Table

A beautiful table doesn't have to be hard to create; it can be really easy.  I love setting the table.  It was always my job as a child at home, and now that I get to play with all kinds of "supplies," it has become even more fun.  I think of it as dressing the table for dinner, which makes me happy.  Plus, since my husband is a great cook, it is the easiest way for me to do my part.  Here are some easy and great tips for creating a beautiful table in your home. 


Dorm Essentials

I am so sorry blog posts are sporadic right now, we have two weeks before graduation, and there is so much to do.  Starting May 1, it is something almost every day, or more than that, until she graduates on May 13.  So many events, parties, and gathering to do before then.  I am just trying to keep my head above water.  Yesterday I spent the morning getting my hair cut and colored, and even though it was three hours, I felt like I should be doing something work-related; I sat and enjoyed my time with David.  We chatted, realized we had met, and became friends almost thirty years ago.  So much life has happened for both of us, and neither of us could even believe "our" girl is about to graduate.  It is wildly surreal. 


My Closet

Last weekend while I was cleaning up our room and bathroom and putting away laundry, I hit a wall.  I have needed to purge my closet forever and just keep putting it off.  There were shirts in there I have not worn in six years, but I loved them and wanted to keep them.  After trying to add another dress to my bevy of stunning dresses and having to push clothes aside I hit that wall.  I needed to make a change and really clean out the space.  As I was doing so I realized my organization wasn't working for me anymore and I needed to fix it. After pulling out some clothes and really diving into the purge I realized I needed to spend a few weeks and really give the closet the love she deserves!


Jacket Love

As you may know, I am currently working on my closet.  It is overpacked, and definitely needed a purge, along with some new organizational work.  Out of all the things I am parting with, a great jacket would not be one of them. I love a jacket; they are so helpful for so many different outfits. I have several of them and wear them so often to complete an outfit.  You can add them to a jeans and shirt outfit to elevate it, add them over your shoulders to keep warm, and carry it just in case you need an oomph for your outfit.  I don't think a great jacket or blazer is ever overrated, they are really so useful.  Recently I spotted some darling ones currently on the market I would definitely purchase.  Sharing this today just in case you have a love for a great jacket just as much as I do. There is just something about that extra piece that always works.


Introducing Audi & Alf ...

I love getting emails or direct messages from small businesses introducing themselves to me.  I am a champion of small business, as I own two myself.  When I get a notification and read their introduction, I check out their products.  Often we aren't a fit for one another for one of many reasons, but when we are, the magic happens. 


The Cardinal Hotel

When you take that trip to Winston-Salem that I recommended, book your stay at the city's Kimpton property, The Cardinal Hotel. Originally the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. headquarters, the building is the architectural muse for the Empire State Building in New York City.  Built in 1929 in just two years, this 22-story building is quite an icon. When planning for the hotel, Kimpton saved every piece of the hotel they could while adding their signature details to create a fabulous and unique hotel experience.  


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 24

Good morning from sunny Georgia!!! I am thrilled to be back on a schedule, feeling much better, and just starting the week off with a bang.  I have the best post for you today, one of the most popular, six things I bought, loved, and have on my radar. 


Happy Easter!

I hope your weekend was terrific; ours was simple and perfect.  When we came home from the beach on Wednesday, we were joined by my parents to celebrate back-to-back birthdays and then Easter weekend.  Easter week is always great, with flowers in bloom, temperatures typically mild, and a sunny weekend is a significant plus.  Easter always feels like the beginning of the year for me in many ways. Winter is behind us, spring is going strong, and the promise of His grace always feels fresh and new. 


My Trip To Winston-Salem

I had the honor and privilege of touring Winston-Salem last week as a guest of the Visit Winston-Salem. Since I had never been to the area, it was an exciting invitation, and  I knew little about the city except for the tobacco connections and was open to adventure. I received my itinerary, packed for three nights and four days, and headed north. 

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