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Seriously ... I got nothing!

All I have done this week can be summed up in four statements ...

I have watched the Caring Bridge website for my nephew for hours on end.
I have purchased a bazillion school supplies and books.
I have purchased school clothes, shoes and fall sports gear.
I have organized the house for back to school.

Really? Yeah that would be it! If the paparazzi were following me they would have either (a.) fallen asleep on the job and missed the one time I may have done something remotely interesting ... or (b.) prayed that Britney would fall off the wagon so they could be reassigned.

Not kidding ... I am that dull!

And you ?


Our sweet Scott ...

Third from the left ... this sweet man (yes 20 makes him a man!) is healing slowly and needs all of our prayers!!!

My heart is heavy and that is all I have for now ...



Boot Camp ...

Yes!! This morning I was up at 5 am. Yes, I have shin splints! Yes, I wanted to puke more than once. Yes, the instructors rode me like sea biscuit. Yes, I wanted it to end quicker than it did! Yes, it was the hardest thing I have done since giving birth! And ... yes, I will go again.

How do I feel now? Very, very sore and completely rewarded!

Why did I do it?

Two reasons ...

First, I will be 40 in January. (yes, I said it!) I am tired of walking away from things that seem too hard or frighten me. I am a grown up and I will take chances.

But most importantly ... my nephew is in a Montana hospital in the ICU in critcal condition. I have no idea when he is coming home. He is young and strong and has worked harder in a week than I have in the last year.

... and he inspires me!


Some photos for you ...

We are loving the beach!!! I am sad to say this is out last day! Please know I will be on the beach today until the sun sets!!!


Beach camp!

These two cuties are headed to the Kids Club today. They will play games, do art, swim, eat and have a blast until 3 pm.

We are all very excited!!



Lazy days on the beach ...

We are at the beach for the week ... we arrived around dinner Saturday night. The ride was great ... the kids truly were so well behaved. Just a few fits ... but otherwise I kept it together.
I mean ... seriously ... who likes a long car ride??

The kids ... Babycakes, Hair Girl's oldest, Little Lawyer and Little Mister. They were so awesome yesterday. We spent all day at the beach. Litterally ... all day. We arrived at 11:30 and headed up at 5:30. The weather was amazing ... high in the 80s ... and the breeze made the day perfect!

Little Mister mastered the boogie board this year and spent the entire day on his belly in the ocean. He came up to the beach twice. Once to trade it out for a skim board and once to ask for lunch. He has fallen in love with that boogie board ... I pray the waves last all week.

Babycakes chose this boogie board at the tacky beach shop yesterday. She loves it!!! I am not sure if it is the board she loves or the fact that she needs the older boys to help her ride it. Either way she has ventured out quite far into the water this year. Great for her ... no reading for me!

Seriously ... seriously .. this is where you set up camp? Right in between my rental chairs and the view of my kids??? Please note I will instruct my children to flick sand on you when they walk by and pass you as much as possible until you realize that when you are twenty something you need to set up camp far, far away from families. It is truly best for us all!!!
Babycakes was the hit of the beach yesterday. The older boys were trying to catch a hermit crap for her and could never catch one. They did find a conch which she kept in a bucket all day. It is a very interesting creature with a beautiful shell. All the kids on the beach wanted to see her treasure and she happily showed it to all of them. She was in heaven all day. She insisted on bringing it back to the condo with lots of seaweed for it to eat. We shall see if it made it through the night. I would love to let it go free today ... but we shall see.


Turning over a new leaf ...

Say goodbye ...

to soda for the Lawyer family! Little Mister can not have artificial sweetners or food coloring and can only have Sprite or the like. Lawyer loves Diet soda and I do enjoy a Diet Coke ice cold in the can.
After doing some research and a family meeting ... we have decided to go soda free.
Yes ... you heard me ... no. more. soda.
Lucky for Clemsongirl I just bought the 5-12 packs for $12 special at Publix ... and they are all hers! Dietwhateverisonsale just became Dietwhateverlawyergavemeforfree!!!!


One of the many reasons ...

Fourteen years into a marriage, three kids, a house, two cars, errands galore, stress, medical bills ... etc!!! it is hard to remember why two people fell in love and decided to spend their lives together. I am a romantic and I try to keep my spark alive. Lawyer is a workaholic and very stressed 24/7 and is annoyed most of the time with my giddy in love spirit. There is no one on this planet who can make me crazier! All this being said ... I adore my husband. I love him dearly! And I think it is very important to remember those fall in love moments. The little tiny events that add up to ... yes, I will marry you.

Tonight on his way home he offered to pick up take out. (I adore take out and he knows it!!) I am a vegetarian and he is a meat lover. He was not sure what to pick up. I am tired and truly do not care what he brings me as long as it is on the plate and handed to me!!!

I told him to surprise me ... who knows what I get! As I am sitting and waiting I remembered a fall in love moment which I will share with you.

Early 1993, law office in downtown Orlando ... Lawyer and I (the office Paralegal) were working late. (Read he kept me late at the office working for him on some huge case he left to the last minute!!) We were not dating ... but he begun to show an interest in me and I was beginning to notice him differently and not just as the annoying, self absorbed, golden boy down the hall with an attitude for days. He left the office for an errand and returned with take out for us to share. He had no idea what I liked for dinner so he literally bought one of EVERY single item on the menu. We had take out boxes of fettucini, spaghetti, manicotti, lasagne and more than I can not even remember. I will never forget him standing in the doorway with the bags saying to me ... "I was not sure what you ate so I bought it all". He could have brought me dirt in a box and it would have been special!


p.s. I received a veggie taco from Moe's with his comment of ... "I am not sure I will ever order an Hard Ugly Naked Guy ever again"!!

The Proposal!

The best movie I have seen in a very long time! I promise you ... you will love it!

Make it a girls night with Margaritas and tons of giggles and it will your best night in a month!



Nordstrom does a girl good!!

So kind of a yucky day here in the Lawyer house. Lawyer and I had a fight before he left for work (yuck!) and I am stuck with too many projects this week and not enough motivation. After painting the boys outer bathrooms yesterday I was not up for painting the upstairs hall today! I spent the first part of the day tidying and trying to get motivated and then finally gave up! I got dressed, added some mascara and lip gloss and headed out the door.

Lawyer recently rejected the Havianas I purchased for him so they needed to be returned. I headed for Nordstrom to make my return and stroll the shoe department. I did not purchase today (why make the tension even worse!) but they did have some amazing sandals that would have been very happy living in my closet! After shopping I headed upstairs to gather lunch from the cafe. If you have never been to the Nordstrom Cafe I highly recommend you check it out! The food is divine and the cafe always receives amazing reviews! To top it off ... the Nordy bar is pure heaven! Today I ordered a Pear, Blue Cheese and Walnut salad (to go) and a large Ginger Peach tea. And of course ... one Nordy bar!

I am not sure if it is the retail environment or the cafe, but Nordstrom just makes me happy! I loathe the mall idea but I will venture into Perimeter Mall on one particular end. If you enter through the Nordstrom parking garage you can visit Nordstrom, JCrew and Bloomies without venturing "into" the mall itself. I think it is all of my years working retail that has made me loathe the mall setting and the people who either walk the mall for exercise or hang out there to kill time. The thought of them makes me itch!

As I was standing in line waiting for my salad a very attractive man standing next to me informed me that my collar was falling down. After checking it out I realized he was right. I sat down my bag and my tea and popped it up and back into place! He smiled, nodded and said ... I do love a prep!

And I do appreciate a compliment!!!

I must say ... I have been enjoying my day since then just fine!!



More items on ebay!!!

Kate spade sunglasses just hit the listings!!!

And they are darling!

Pinky swear!!



A peek of cute for you ...

This little happy fell into my lap today and since I am no longer a size 4 (if I ever was ...) I am offering it up to you before listing it on ebay!

It is brand new with its tags! Hot pink and red (Vanilla Show & Tell) on light wale cord ... perfect for the cooler fall days!!

$45 ... free shipping! Anyone??



Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!
Hope you are enjoying this day of freedom!!
The Lawyer family!


Bad, bad camera!!!

Camera would not cooperate last night ... so I have no photos to post for you! I think I have officially killed it this time!

I am borrowing another camera today ... so I will keep you posted on the goods.



Pinky swear ... just hold on ...

I promised you Christmas goodies from the studio today ...

and they are coming!! I watched Clemsongirl's cute boys today (plus another dear friends three for an hour this morning) and I may or may not be super tired at the moment!!

But ... do not fret. I just need a shower, a Double Shot on ice and I will be good as new.

And you will have photos of goodies for sale!!!

Pinky swear!

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