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Happy 12th To Waiting on Martha

If you live in Atlanta, you are very familiar with Waiting on Martha Home.  Nestled on the corner of the Vinings Jubilee, this shop has everything for home, baby, entertaining, lounging, and more.  It is one of my favorite spots to shop for myself and others and has the best customer service in the city.  If you ask for something in the shop and you don't see it, they will check the warehouse for you and have it there before you can even blink. The girls are amazing, and the owner, Mandy Kellogg Rye may be the best in the business. 


My Favorite Tunic

I have a new favorite item in my closet, and I am thrilled to share it with you today.  I work with Holly Shae a ton and while I was in Seaside, I stopped in a store that Holly had recommended, Cabana, and found a darling tunic in one of her darling designs.  I snagged it thinking it would be perfect for our beach bonfire, which it was, paired with white shorts and sandals.  After wearing it Tuesday night and again on Thursday evening I could tell I would be wearing it a lot and decided to purchase a second tunic in a different print.  I know have two and would truly wear them on rotation if no one would notice, they are that good. 


She Wear Seashells ...


Yep, she does wear seashells by the sea, I mean the beach, and so do all of her friends.  When Mary told me the book release would be at the beach, we knew these Print Fresh shell pajamas were necessary.  Not only are they so comfy and cozy, but they are also so friendly with the different options in each pattern and the many size options.  Each of us wanted a different set which made these photos so fun, you get to see all the different choices in one place.  My go-to is always the long set or the short set, but I have loved the cami as well. For these photos, I have on the nightgown, which was really comfy as well.  Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of the choices, they are all really good. 


Florida Friends ... Sale!

My darling friends from Florida have released a second collection with Lisi Lerch, which might be better than the first.  I love all things Florida and this collection speaks to my shell-collecting, sun-worshiping self in the best way.  With accents of rattan, palm fronds, and coral it is hard to choose my favorites.  During our recent trip to Florida, I wore a few pieces from the collection which made me love it even more.  Well, until I see it is 40% off for a limited time which makes it a MUST-have. 


Piece of Cake

My girl and I are headed out of town late Sunday afternoon for a fun few days in Seaside.  I am super excited; I love car trips with her, but also, because my friend Mary is launching her second book next week!  We are meeting to celebrate her and have the best few days laughing and cheers-ing this fabulous new book. If you are new to Mary Huddleston and her fabulous delegate all life ... you will love her.  She is the queen of tables, sources, great life tips, and an all-around great time.  She makes me laugh the hardest, whether with or at her, and trust me, she will love that comment. 😉


Lake Summer ...

Did you think I was sharing that it would be a summer at the lake?  Oh, I wish, but no.  I have the best news today as Lake Pajamas has released its summer collection, which is oh-so-good.  Think Americana meets Palm Beach ... perfection. I always think Lake's best collection comes out for summer, as I love a good red + blue theme all summer.  


Things Of Note ...

Oh, my list for this blog post is so long.  I have had a list running of things I needed to share and it was more than time to share it all.  I have some darling and fun things to share with you, along with a few new to me businesses, and those are always so fun!!

Let's get to it ... 


College Mom Transition

On Sunday I shared on Instagram that I had hit a wall with my emotions.  After being in Tuscaloosa for two days for orientation, my husband traveling constantly, and knowing so much is changing, I was overwhelmed with my feelings.  I shared because I want to be transparent in case someone else feels the same and thinks they are alone.  They aren't, anyone in this transitional phase feels weird, and we are all in this together. It is a strange feeling. Me, I have been a mother, and very hands-on, for 26 years and now that role is changing somewhat, and my emotions are all over the place.  I am sure our relationship will still be close, and I will work hard for that, but things will be different, and I am adjusting slowly to those things. Sunday was a hard day in this journey, and I had to wholly lean into it for the afternoon.  The evening was better, but wow, these emotions are heavy. 


Father's Day Edit

Did that sneak up on anyone else?  Just me?  Oh great!!  I have rounded up the things Nathan has and loves, along with some amazing things that you can order today and will arrive in time to celebrate the Dads in your life next weekend. And ... if it is on sale, I marked it because you know those men love to know you bought it on sale!!  😉


Hill House Love

I know I have mentioned before that I am a huge fan of the Hill House Nap Dress.  I own a number of them and wear them quite often.  There are a number of reasons I love this dress, the biggest reason is its versatility.  It can be worn a number of ways, is super comfortable, and is just a great all-around dress for the price. Today's blog post is all about this dress, why I think you need one in your closet, and my favorite prints.


Dorm Edit Vol. 1

Is this really my life?  I just had three small children, and in a blink of an eye, the last one is headed off to college in August.  I promise you it is a shock like no other to the system.  But here we are ... and I am happy to help her gather anything she wants and needs. So cue the dorm preparations ... 


All The Woven Goodness ...

There is just something about summer that makes me crave all the woven goodness.  Wicker, leather, cloth, anything really with a weave, and I crave it.  I think it just gives me all the summer vibes.  There are so many great options out right now ... I hope you find something fun to add to your summer wardrobe for all those fun dinners and trips we all want to have. 👒

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