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One more day ...

One more day to get free shipping at Monogram Me and then its over ..

but there will be more fun treats to come ...

pinky swear!



Thanks for the shouts ...

Thanks to all of you who posted about Monogram Me on your blogs ... I have read all of your posts and they are fabulous.

So ... now I need you to leave a comment with your monogram and your favorite color.

Remember ... I did promise you a sursy!

Thanks again ...



This gave me quite a giggle ...

Mujibar was trying to get a job in India. The Personnel Manager said, "Mujibar, you have passed all the tests, except one. Unless you pass it you cannot qualify for this job." Mujibar said, "I am ready."The manager said, "Make a sentence using the words Yellow, Pink and Green ."Mujibar thought for a few minutes and said, "Mister manager, I am ready." The manager said, "Go ahead." Mujibar said, "The telephone goes green, green , and I pink it up, and say, ' Yellow , this is Mujibar."

Mujibar now works as a technician at a call center for computer problems.

Pretty cute, eh?



The gangster bowler ...

Little Mister made a request the other day. He asked me to buy him a hoodie sweatshirt "without a zipper please" and with pockets. Not a problem, right? Unless of course if it is JULY and sweatshirts are not readily available.

So ... we headed to the Big T and to Wallyworld and no luck. Shocking ... I know!

Well, he was completely bummed out and I was not really sure how to fix the problem.

Enter my friend Monogrammed Tahoe. She just happened to have two in the warehouse his size that she offered him. We went by today and she offered them up. That little boy grinned from ear to ear and did not stop. He was SO EXCITED! He immediately put it on and is currently still wearing it.

After the warehouse we headed to the bowling alley. The boys and one friend decided it was a great afternoon activity. Well, Little Mister is wearing the hoodie and has the hood on. Full on looks like a gangster. Not to mention has his hands in the pockets ... oh yes, he is wearing a look!

So ... as he bowls he has the look down pat. He puts up the hood, bowls, stands back, puts his hand in his pockets, strikes a pose and then walks away and puts down the hood. Next time it is his turn same story all over again. For two hours. Hysterical!!

Yes, it was me Little Lawyer and his friend and the gangster. We were quite the show! Sorry you missed it!


Free Lilly?

Paper Girl and I met at the mall yesterday morning. She is headed to the beach this week and needed some cute new things. She really hasn't bought anything since Paper Baby arrived and is not in love with the hips God gave her to get him out. She is the tiniest person ... really, but is not so happy that the hip bones can not be run off. Aren't we all ...

Anyway ... we headed to Phipps Plaza to check out the sale Lilly. Oh, I sorry I meant the free Lilly. Because I swear ... they were giving that stuff away!!!

She got a lot of very cute things. Two skorts, one pair of shorts, two tanks, a skirt, one jacket and a few other things I am having trouble recalling. And she spent $280. But really that is not the exciting part. The receipt said she saved $480. Yes, these clothes were originally $760 and she paid only $280. Like I said free Lilly. If your Belk carries Lilly drop the mouse and go! Now!



Promotion time ...

Help me promote Monogram Me. Almost all the products are loaded and now I just have to spread the word ...

So starting Monday ... tell your friends, your neighbors, your peeps ... I am offering free shipping thru July 30th.

Leave me a comment that you have posted about Monogram Me and I will send you a sursy!!!

Because every one deserves a sassy happy ... especially you!!!



Preppy Paper Swap ...

Mom x 2 is hosting a paper swap. I am thrilled to be a part of this preppy little event. I have been matched with the Preppy Engineer which is very exciting!! I will be shopping for her goodies later this week. I will post tons of pics ... don't worry.

Stay tuned ...

(Photo above from the Macbeth Collection ... to see more visit here.)


Preppy idea for the day ...

When the weather is humid and hot it is so much better with a preppy accessory ...

... isn't this cute? I found it browsing the internet.



Now available ...

Monogrammed Toe Goz flips flops at Monogram Me.

Check them out ... they are super cute!


Atlanta Mart ...

Here are some photos of the booth ...

New design ... pink and green turtle (isn't he cute?)

More new designs ... whale, tennis and umbrella (ok, only the whale is a new design)

Sorority koozies ...

Halloween designs ...

And Christmas designs ...

I am sharing space with Monogrammed Tahoe. She and I have coordinated the designs. You can order them on koozies, water bottles, travel mugs and sippy cups. They are all really cute!!! There are more designs (a crab, alligator, palm tree and South Carolina flag) but they were not all displayed when the photos were taken.

We have both worked long hours this week ... but she has put in double time. She has worked so hard and everything looks so amazing!!! I am very proud of her.

Send good vibes ... let it all sell!!!



Flip Flop = Fabulous!!!

I have gotten tons of feedback on the flip flop photo I posted. I am so thrilled you love them ... but just wait, there are so many more styles and they are all adorable!!

So many of you have asked ... the answer to the question is ... TOMORROW!!! The monogrammed toe goz flip flops will be available on the website tomorrow.

I will work late tonight to upload them for you.

Just that is just the kind of girl I am ...



Work late hours ... get a little sursy ...

I have mentioned I have been working long hours this week. Really long ... til I can no longer see the monograms and the computer. But, it is all worth it. The website is looking strong and we are about 80% ready for mart this weekend.

Yes ... I am debuting at the mart in Atlanta. Let's not talk about it. I get all freaked out when I process the details in my head. For now ... just keep working.

Monday night Clemson Girl showed up to motivate me to keep working. We finished pulling together the office, got all the paperwork sorted and filed, came up with new products and fixed a machine. And she came with iced coffee in hand. How does one pay back that kind of loveliness?

With a custom pair of these ...

Super cute ... and she loved them.

Stay tuned ... you too can have them later this week!



Mint tea cures the crazies ...

... feeling so much better. Got out of the warehouse (for a couple of hours), kissed the kids, tucked in Babycakes, ate pizza with Little Mister (cheese only for me) and had a big glass of mint tea. Lawyer makes the best sweet mint tea. I have never had anything better. Hands down it beats the big Chick and McDonalds any day. Just ask Clemson Girl. She can drink it by the gallon.

Large glass of sweet tea with crushed ice in my monogrammed tervis tumbler ... who could ask for anything more?

I am feeling so much better. I am no longer trying to monogram stupid, wacky things. Ok, just maybe ... but don't tell anyone.


Is it completely inappropriate ...

... to monogram the thoughts in my head on objects?

Like say ... instead of ho, ho, ho ...

maybe ... "I' ll be your ho!"

or ... instead of trick or treat ...

how about ... "will trick for treats?"

and lastly ... instead of gobble, gobble ...

how about ... "I don't need to gobble I already wobble!"

Can you tell I have been holed up in a warehouse with no windows ... all day?



Monogram ideas ...

Here are some more monogram ideas for you ...

... these stickers are awesome ... I use them all the time. And they are very durable. My car monogram has been in place for seven months and I just took it off today to replace it with a brand new design ... the oval. Check it out here.

And while I was working all day Mary Poppins was in to run the show. They played, colored and swam until Babycakes could play no more. At 4:30 I found her on the couch like this ...

Poor Lawyer ... he won't even get to kiss her goodnight! Mary Poppins rocks!!!


Monogram stickers ... what will you monogram?

Monogram stickers are all the rage! You can literally monogram anything! (Ok, maybe not the kids ... but I am working on it!) I started with my car and now I have monogrammed my coolers (Thanks Whim dept!!) and now I am working on flower pots for my back door. These are super cute ...

(stock photo - Electra's Monograms)

More people on the beach stopped me to check out the cooler ... I love it!

What do you want to monogram? What have you monogrammed ... let me know!

Shop at Monogram Me ...



Toothpicks are not for gentlemen ...

Spent most of the day yesterday with Little Lawyer getting ready for camp. We started at the local bagel shop for brunch and then headed to the Big T and Sports Authority for supplies.

When we were all done gathering I took him to lunch. It is really cool having an 11 year old when you can spend alone time together. Most of the time he thinks I am crazy (hopefully hormones) and doesn't want to spend time with just me. Seems his friends are way cooler. Don't know why ... I can be pretty cool. But, it is what it is.

As we were entering the mexican restaurant he grabbed a whole handful of toothpicks. We then spent the next hour battling over them. Who made the toothpick? Who sat around thinking it would be a great idea to use a sliver of wood to pick food out of ones teeth? I promise you it was a man. No self respecting lady would ever sit at a table and pick their teeth. We rely on our friends to let us know that we have something that needs to be handled.

And that is the way we like it ...

Do not use a toothpick in my presence ... I will pull it out of your mouth and pitch it out the window at 60 mph. Does not matter if you have one in your pocket or six. We will keep doing it until they are all gone. Pinky swear. Just ask my son ...


38 is the lucky number!!!

I have received 38 comments and have a ton of new friends to check out. Who new you were all out there?

Babycakes will draw a name later today for a sursy ... she loves a happy!

And then one of you lucky girls will be getting a sursy in the mail. Don't you love the kind that just shows up ... just cuz! It's the best!!!

Have a great one ... I will be working all day on Monogram Me.

Hope you like ...



Monogram Me is born!

Ok girls ... get a good grip on your wallets ... I am now available online ...

Check it out at Monogram Me.

I will load products slowly as not to overwhelm either of us ...

I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for the great comments ... keep em coming!



Ok girls ... I hope you are ready ... here come the koozies!!!

This is the sample set I sent to stores for sororities. You can order names, initials or sorority letters. These are customized for each sororites' colors.

Super cute koozie ... individual picture designs are available ... just ask!

Basket of completed koozies ...

Basket #2 ... one client needed 200 for teachers

And the photo that sparked the blog interest ... Preppy Pink Crocodiles' koozies. My all time favorite is the alligator in the bottom of the photo. He is the ultimate in preppy!!

Ok ... the deets ...

Monogrammed Koozies $16

Koozie colors -

red, pink, lime, grass green, yellow, royal, turquoise, navy, red and black

Ribbon colors -

Red, Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Orange, Golden Yellow, Apple Green, Baby Blue, Turquoise, Royal, Navy, Chocolate Brown, White, Off White & Black

And to give you some ideas ... here is a few of my favorites!!

Are you a Preppy … check out these cute combos-

Pink koozie, turquoise ribbon & hot pink monogram
Royal koozie, light pink ribbon & navy monogram
Pink koozie, grass green ribbon & turquoise monogram
Pink koozie, orange ribbon & white monogram
Pink koozie, lime ribbon & yellow monogram
Pink koozie, orange ribbon & lime monogram
Pink koozie, chocolate ribbon & lime monogram
Lime koozie, turquoise ribbon & orange monogram
Pink koozie, lime ribbon & turquoise monogram
Pink koozie, turquoise ribbon & grass green monogram
Grass green koozie, raspberry ribbon & lime monogram
Lime koozie, turquoise ribbon & hot pink monogram
Navy koozie, raspberry ribbon & lime monogram
Yellow koozie, hot pink ribbon and lime monogram
Lime koozie, light pink ribbon and hot pink monogram
Orange koozie, turquoise ribbon and lime monogram
Pink koozie, raspberry ribbon and lime monogram
Navy koozie, light pink ribbon & hot pink monogram
Lime koozie, grass green ribbon & hot pink monogram

Email me orders to I will keep your personal information private ... pinky swear!!

Have a great one ...



My, my ... my!!!

Oh my goodness. So many comments ... it makes a girl feel so good. Sometimes I wonder if I am just talking to myself. Ok, I do, but we do not need to let Lawyer know his fears are true!

Keep em coming ... if I get 38 I will send out a sursy to a random commenter that Babycakes picks out of a one of her cute new purses she seems to be totting around these days.

To answer a question ... yes I do make monogrammed koozies for sale. It is one of the ways I help pay for Little Mister's therapy and all the "yummy" crazies that entails. Since Little Mister currently does not have a "diagnosis" none of his private therapy is paid for by insurance. I had to get creative. I started selling products three years ago and the monogrammed koozie was the first (and still my favorite product). They come in a variety of color combos ... I will be happy to suggest a favorite for anyone interested.

$16 ... includes shipping!!! I ship anywhere ... ok, maybe not to countries I have to spell check.

I will be happy to make and ship them where ever you would like them ... they are super cute and make great gifts. Just ask all my friends ... I will post some photos tomorrow when I am on my computer and not borrowing time on Lawyer's laptop.

Have a great one ... and keep commenting!


Who are my new friends?

I have been more and more comments lately. Totally exciting! But I feel like you know me more than I know you.

Leave me a comment ... tell me who you are. I would love to read about you.

And if you are only lurking and haven't left any comments, here is your chance. We might be great friends. Or at least I can read about you online.

I mean ... it's only fair!

(And there may be a sursy in it for you)


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