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It is finally here

(Thank you to Facebook for this funny!)

This is me.  It has happened.  My child is way smarter than me.  And not just in some areas ... but almost all.  He is the family's IT department, resident baby sitter and has always served as our Jimminy Cricket.  Last week he fixed my iphone and then told me what every single button did that I thought was useless.  Last night he was reciting traffic rules and laws as I seemed to be breaking all of them on the way home from dinner. It's down right annoying.  Remember typing class in high school? ASDF JKL;??  HSM has never had a typing class and yet can type almost as fast as me.  How is that possible??

He has been invited to attend Georgia Tech this summer for two weeks to take engineering classes.  I tried to read the pamphlet and finally gave up.  I didn't understand most of the information he would be learning nor did I really care.  He understands it so I am assuming that is all that matters.  He has been watching the news for AP Human Geography at school each morning and I had to watch the real news yesterday just so I would be up on most of what he was discussing.  (The real news ... not where I get most of my news!)

I can remember thinking my parents were not very smart when I was in high school but turns out they were and still are smarter than me.  But I am quite concerned that I may never be as smart or smarter than my budding engineer.  

I will just have to be happy with him coming to me for advice on every living thing.  

Even if he does roll his eyes and answer ... "Seriously MOM?'  when I respond!



Have you seen this?

OMG!!! I am addicted to shoes and I promise you this does not help!

Have you seen the Ballet Boutique by JCrew?  I am not sure what sucks me in more, the colors or the designs. I love it all!  And then the interactive feature ... just stop JCrew ... please!!!

My closet and Lawyer's wallet can't handle the damage I want to do right now!!!



The beginning of the revamp

As it always happens when I spend too much time in my house staring at the same rooms I decided they needed an upgrade.  Two years ago when I had my appendix removed I grew sick of our master and completely redecorated it.  Thankfully for myself and for Lawyer's wallet I still love it this time around!!

Lawyer had already given me the go ahead to redecorate the office and den areas so when I grew rather sick of both of them over this last month it wasn't a huge shock to his system.  He is not a fan of change.  At.  All!!! He still talks about how his mother had the "same avocado and gold kitchen for years" and how "those prints hung over our couch the entire time I was growing up yet in our house they have moved at least three times".  What can I say ... I love change!!

Yesterday's task was to start on the den.  I have already chosen the curtain and pillow fabrics so now it is just to decide on a new sofa and chair slipcovers, swap out dark accessories for ones with color and to restyle the bookcases!  The bookcases seemed to be eating at me the most so I started there.  It was a good compromise for me.  I needed a day in the house to rest (somewhat) and I knew the project would take almost all day.

Warning ... this post is extra heavy on the photos ... I will be super shocked if you are still reading at the end!  Hee hee!!!

Here are the before photos for both cabinets.  

The first thing needing to go was the nasty television.  It is bulky, small and uber tacky!!

Here is the fireplace before photo.  I did not shoot any photos after ... The clock has moved, the majolica plates have been saved for the office and the painting has been moved for a flat screen.

The coffee table.  It used to be our kitchen table when I was a child and my dad cut it down so I could use it as a coffee table.  I love having stools under it for games and coloring however these are all dark.  My vision  is to replace them with four of the same painted in different colors.  I have pondered either trading out the basket on the table for a lighter one or painting the current one.  I am just concerned that painting it will make it flake off.  Bad news bears idea if that happens!

Sofa table.  Like the green lamps, but changed up the rest.  Dark books are gone and two "staffordshire" bunnies were added.  

The table between the chairs.  My thought is it needs to be bigger and a color.  And I cleaned all the frames off the table.  WAAAAAY tooooo cluttered!

These two photos are all the things I gathered from around the house and from Scott's to add color to the room.  


Everything came down, the shelves were dusted and it began!

It started with one shelf and kept growing.  A lot of placing, taking down, starting over again and again!

A couple of things could not disappear.  The books were inherited by Lawyer from his grandmother.  He adored her ... so all I could do was trade out darker ones for lighter ones.  I pulled out the blues, greens and lighter ones.  Then I mixed them with silver frames and lighter accessories.  

By dinner time ... they were done.  

I added the chair from the office.  The chair was a gift from my dear friend M-A.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  It is a great green and blue stripe.  

It needs a new pillow but I like it here!  

The left console.  I like them both!!!  They feel lighter, airy and much cleaner to me than the previous look.  

You would be amazed what you find buried behind books.  That would be one wiffle ball, one bouncey ball, one waded up piece of paper, one Lego man sans head, one tiny hamster and WPM's first pair of glasses.  The most amazing part is that they were all found on the top shelves.  

Hmmm ... someone has a pretty good aim!!

Next project ... sofa and chairs!!



Happy Tuesday to you!!

I am so glad I am on a regular schedule of posting again.  I missed it and missed all of you!!!  It's nice to be back in routine and responsible for my own chores again.  Ok ... maybe I did not miss the chores, but you get what I am saying.  It's good to be healthy and good to be back to me!!!  

I found a new blog the other day and it has inspired me quite a bit.  When I found a blog that truly speaks to me I read back all the way to the beginning.  It takes a while, but it is always worth it.  If I am truly inspired by a blog I want to know everything it says, its almost like getting to know someone.

The new blog I am speaking of is called Simply Seleta.  She is a designer living near Seaside, Florida who juggles a business and raising four children.  I love her style and have really enjoyed reading her blog.  Last night when I was reading I came along a post that spoke to me.  She was blogging about a walk he took with her husband and their dog.  She related the walk they took to her life.  

"I couldn't help but think about our walk and how it relates to life.  We are on this unknown journey.  At times our path reveals the most beautiful things we couldn't even dream of or expect.  Other times it hands us something shocking, heartbreaking or jolting.  We are walking along and honestly never know quite what to expect.  It's easy to feel both excited and spooked at the same time.  

It's reassuring to know we aren't alone.  It's great to have someone there ... walking along next to you.  Sometimes the ones walking next to us change.  And that's okay.  They come and go during different seasons of our journey.   Many times someone has appeared in my life at precisely the time needed.  It's no coincidence.  I think it's a gift from the big guy upstairs."

I could not agree more.  I say it a lot ... but it is absolutely true.  I am one blessed girl.  I have been surprised a lot lately by those around me, both my family and my dear friends.  It's nice to know we aren't alone in our walks.  I am not alone on this earth and not alone elsewhere.  I see God in everything around me.

And I am incredibly grateful for it!!



Freedom day

(thank you Pinterest!!)

Today I see my surgeon, my internist and my GI doctor.  I know ... a lot in one day, but since they are all in the same area I booked them all within hours of one another so that I knock out three birds with one stone. 

Well, four actually ... I can get released from this gallbladder ickness and weigh myself.  Seems completely changing your diet from eating what you want to hardly eating at all and then to eating very small meals six times a day will whittle your waist down.  Two weeks in I had dropped 7 pounds.  Of course I had not been eating much of anything when that happened and now have moved onto eating well but very light with tons of water to wash it all down.  I view it as the silver lining in all the sickness.  So I am equally as excited to tell the surgeon and the GI how much better I feel and request to be weighed.  

I figure it will all be worth the weeks lost if not only do I feel amazing but I also dropped another few pounds in the process.

Don't you??



Inspired by yellow!!!

I have found a fondness for yellow in the past few weeks.  It's a very happy color and I love the way it makes me smile!!!  The sunflowers in the vase above were left on my doorstep by my sweet friend Beth.    

And this box of sunshine was delivered to me by another sweet friend.  She rang the door bell and was holding the box when I answered.  How adorable!!!  Every single thing in the box is yellow and the note is the best part!  Who doesn't love a box of sunshine??

Here are some fun photos of yellow I picked out to spread some sunshine to all of you!!!  

I never thought of yellow cabinets but I love it!

The barn door is brilliant and the color makes it even more so!

A yellow Vespa?  I would love one, thank you!!

I have always wanted the back of my front door black ... but I think yellow would make me super happy!

I think living in this house would be heaven.  So much color I could never be sad!

This bathroom is stunning!!!  I repinned it for when I redo our powder room!


All photos courtesy of Pinterest!!!

Happy Weekend!



While I was sleeping ...

(gorgeous flowers from my sweet friend Beth)

On February 28 I woke up with a severe pain in my right upper abdomen and very nauseated.  The bestie insisted I head to the urgent care.  Thank God she did.  I probably would have waited it out for a lot longer than I should have!!!  I am so thankful so insisted I go and I listened!!!  After being evaluated at the urgent care I was sent to the emergency room.  Many hours and tests later I was sent home drugged up and still in pain.

(sweet little surprise gift from a swap buddy!!!)

Long story very short ... lots of testing, lots of meds, lots of pain, frustration, tears and 17 days later I had my gallbladder removed.  I woke up from surgery instantly better.  The stabbing pain and nausea were gone.  I could not believe how quickly I felt 1000% better!!!  Of course it was all replaced by sore stomach muscles and a week of recovery ahead but I was thrilled.  Beyond thrilled.  It was over.

(the most adorable box of happy from Sporty Spice)

I am now day six into a seven day recovery.  I feel exponentially better each and every morning.   I am still sore but only when I bend over, use the stairs or sit up.  I love how I feel. I had no idea I felt as bad as I did until it was over.  Its absolutely amazing!!!

During the time I was sick March came and almost went.  Spring has sprung in Atlanta!!  Its absolutely gorgeous.  I had lunch yesterday with two girl friends and while I was waiting outside to be picked up I was snapping photos of the blooming flowers.  When Lee arrived she giggled and asked me what I was doing.  When I told her I was taking photos of the beautiful spring flowers she giggled again and responded ... "A lot happened while you were sleeping"!!

Now if it will only rain so we can enjoy the amazing weather without all the dusting of pollen!!!  But I will take whatever we get.  I refuse to complain about anything.  I feel so lucky and blessed to whine!!!

 I say it a lot but I think it bears repeating.  I am one lucky girl.  I have a great husband ... amazing friends ... great healthcare and one fabulous family.  My kids have been rock stars!!!  But most of all I have a clean bill of health!   I will say it again ... I am one lucky girl!!!



Some time to think and evaluate ...

Of course when you are under the weather you get plenty of time to sit back and take notice.  When I had my appendix removed I noticed the master bedroom needed a complete overhaul.  As soon as I was recovered and back in the land of the moving I made it happen.  New paint, new fabric and even a new bed later I can report I think it still looks amazing!!!  I do think the ceiling would look even more grand painted a very pale blue ... but that can wait.  At least until the installation of the new panels I have been stalking on Ebay.  

This time around its the cleanliness of the house.  Or better yet .. the lack of!!!  With me not up to par the last week and a half the house is failing quickly.  Poor Lawyer has been putting in his 100% and more but papers from school and mail are just not his thing.  I do find them in the strangest of places.  I have been doing my daily straighten but the dust balls and fingerprints are planning their take over!!  Why oh why did I not take the time to hire the housekeeper when I was feeling grand??

Enter my friends in the blog world!!!  Two blog posts this week have hit home for me.  The first from Jenny at the Little Green Notebook about a cleaning chore list for herself.  Brilliant ... simply brilliant!!!

Here is the chart she made ... 

I love it!!!  I can straighten my house in a jiffy ... but its the dirty spots that get me every time.  I hate finding a hand print on the wall or fingerprints on the light switch or the worst for me ... piddle on the toilet seat in the  guest potty.  UGH!!!  And of course I don't notice it until someone pops in for a visit.  

I do think I need to invest in a small vacuum for the daily quick run.  We have a central vac which I love for deep vacuum needs.  Carrying 30 feet of hose from the basement on a weekly basis is tough ... not doable on a daily basis!!!   

The next blog I stumbled on to talked about locating your hots spots ... the places where things get dumped and clutter ensues.   For the life of me I can not find the blogger or the blog post again.  So my goal is to look around and find my hot spots and figure out how to better organize these areas.  My first guess will be the "mud area" at the back door.  It is no where near functional enough.  

As soon as I am back on my feet I am overhauling both the hot spots and my cleaning plan!!

Oh ... and hiring a housekeeper!



Happy Day Sporty Spice!!!

Still down with pain and nausea ... and still testing ... will update when I know something for sure!!!  I have been collecting arm bands ... up to five so far ... more to come!!!  The plan is to have a distinct diagnosis on Friday afternoon.  

In the mean time today is the birthday of one of my besties ... Sporty Spice!!!  She is full of life, always smiling and amazingly fit!!!  While we were having brunch before leaving for the lake she was teaching both a  yoga and zumba class.  Makes me tired just thinking about it.

This is her on the right with Hair Girl.  That smile is addictive!!!

Love you girl ... you always brighten my day!!!



Q + A

I apologize repeatedly for the lack of posts this week.  I have been out of commission all week.  Not my favorite week and not worth expanding on too much.  I have pain and nausea that can't be diagnosed and I am walking into week two.  Quite frustrating!!  

I have little or no creative juices flowing so I lifted questionnaires floating around the design blog world.  I lifted more than one and then pulled out the questions I found interesting to post for you here.  I know it might seem a lame post but I figured answering questions would be easier than no post at all.

I am a big fan of questionnaires.  They always get me thinking and sometimes produce answers that surprise me.  Hope you enjoy!!!

1.  Name two tv shows that you must watch every week or record to watch later .... Revenge and The Voice
2.  Do you use the snooze button on your alarm ... Even worse I set two alarms and then turn off the first and then push snooze on the second.  Now that I have written it out it sounds incredibly lazy!!
3.  Are you the oldest, middle or youngest in your family? ... I am an only child
4.  Do you collect anything? ... Lots of things ... majolica plates, vintage silhouettes, tole trays, antique earrings and I can't seem to say no to shoes of almost any kind!!
5.  What is your middle name ... Paige
6.  Are you country or city, girlie or tomboy, talker or a listener? City girl for sure ... though I love to spend some in the country on weekends or vacations.  Girlie girl for sure and I am both a talker and a listener!
7.  What would your family and friends say is one of your best qualities?  What would they say is one of your worst?  I am a giver.  A giver of gifts and time.  I love to give to others.  Those closest to me would admit that it is a fine line for me at times.  I can give more than I ask for and that means sacrificing when I shouldn't.
8.  Do you like to cook or bake?  Cook yes, bake absolutely not.  There are plenty of talented people who I would rather buy from then bake it and have it fail!!!
9.  My one guilty pleasure is ... I feel like I have too many.  I love to lunch with friends, I love a mani/pedi and I adore a sweet treat!!
10.  The room in my house I like the best is ... right now my dining room.  The green is gorgeous and it makes me happy to walk in every single time!
11.  The accomplishment I am most proud of in the past year is ... putting myself first when I need to.  Weeding the garden is good for the soul!!
12.  What is one item on your bucket list ... riding in a helicopter.  Sounds so scary and so much fun at the same time!
13.  Which would you choose for a date with your husband:  Candlelight dinner at a nice restaurant or a day of hiking in the mountains?  I would say a hike in the mountains followed by a picnic.  We both love to be outside and take photos ... and we both enjoy and picnic.  Sounds like the perfect date to me!!
14.  In which sport or athletic activity would you most like to participate?  Tennis.  Its a great way to hang out with friends and eat yummy food and exercise.  Too bad I have never played and don't know the first thing about it!!
15.  What do you wish you were more knowledgeable about?  Art history
16.  What kind of driver are you?  Rule follower ... I have always feared I would die in a car accident!
17.  It is hard for me to ... This one was really hard.  I would say it is hard for me to face those who have hurt me!  I don't mean hurt my feelings ... I mean really hurt me!
18.  What are your nicknames?  My husband calls me "shug" or "my wife".  If he uses my name I am always shocked and if he uses my first and middle names I run for cover!!
19.  What is your best piece of advice for raising children?  Patience.  Little people make little people mistakes and do it repeatedly!!
20.  What is your biggest regret?  I don't have any.  Every decision I have made has brought me to the place I am now.  I love where I am and if I changed something I may not be where I am today!


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