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Neon love!

(via my Pinterest page)

Yum!!!  I will happily start my weekend with this!  

I am loving the bright colors this season.  The color is everywhere and it makes my heart skip a beat!!!

Look at the detail in this photo ... the tip of her shoes, the nails, the skirt!  I think Blair Eadie is AMAZEBALLS!!

(via my Pinterest page)

I can't wait to be sporting my new neon pink shorts today!  

I hope your weekend is full of color!!!



Yeah Pinterest!!!

I love Pinterest!  Who doesn't?  It is the most fun time suck out there.  I use it for gift ideas, outfit styling and recipes.  And then there is the arranging of the boards.  Wow ... don't even get my OCD on that one.

My favorite part of Pinterest has been watching a photo I took make its way around other people's boards.  I took the photo a few years ago for my then business MPM Designs.  It was a product photo to promote my new vinyl monograms.  That summer making monograms for coolers was HUUUUGE.  I probably made them daily if not more than once a day.  Everyone loved them and I still get comments on my pink and green monogrammed cooler.  

I did not load the photo onto Pinterest and imagine my surprise and giddy when I discovered it there.  I was all ... I did love that photo ... wait ... is that on Pinterest?  Holy moly ... look at that!!!   Seriously ... when I am perusing others boards and I come across it in their gifts or monograms section I still get giddy!

So fun!!!

Do you have a photo making its way around?  Please share!!




The other day I saw this post on Facebook and was immediately sucked in.  I will tell you I can not recall where I saw it and have tried to locate it again in my feed to no avail.  Anyone else frustrated with the new Facebook timeline?  Why oh why must everything change?

The article quoted was from a website called Lists of Note.  It is a website where lists of famous people are made public.  The author says ... "Lists are created for all manner of reasons, and have been for many centuries.  It's my aim to feature some of the most notable examples right here."  And boy there are some great ones.  The cover article is currently on Albert Einstein.  As his marriage was failing he came up with a list of demands for them to stay together for the sake of the children.  His demands are listed.  It was 1914.  I have read the list now three times and it still makes me giggle.    

The article that sucked me in was about F. Scott Fitzgerald.  In 1933 he made a list of items for his then 11 year old daughter, Scottie, of things to worry about and then things to not worry about.  I love advice to children. I wish someone would have made this list for me to refer to every time I lost my head as a child.  

His list to worry about is very short, as it should be.  It reads as follows ...

Things to worry about ...

His list to not worry about is much longer.  One of the most striking items on the list was to not worry about parents.  I am assuming what her parents think.  Very interesting!!!

This list reminds me of another favorite of mine put together by the ever amazing Alice from Summer is a Verb. She posted a list of things "We Wish We Knew When We Were 19" for her niece on her nineteenth birthday.   Another brilliant list put together that I wish someone would have handed me.  Brilliant words ... absolutely brilliant.  

If you could make a list for your children ... what would it say?



Counting the days ...

(courtesy of

Is anyone else counting the days until Jessica Simpson delivers?  I find myself checking the news sources, and of course, more than once a day hoping to find out she has FINALLY delivered.  She must be dying in these last days.  She is HUUUUGE!!!

It's notsomuch that I am a big Jessica fan, but however that I have delivered three babies and I can not imagine looking that swollen and ready for delivery in the public eye.  She looked prime for delivery a month ago and yet that baby is still in there growing day by day.  

Poor girl ... here's hoping your end is VERRRRY near!!



Go to movies

There a lot of great movies out there ... but then there are those who imprint us and we can quote for years to come.  You know the ones.  The ones that can be watched time and time again and never get old.  The kind that you can watch in the background while you are doing something else and still know the exact time your favorite quote happens.  

For me I have quite a few.  In college it was Pretty Woman, About Last Night, Shag, Mystic Pizza and every single Lethal Weapon movie.  Lawyer loves to watch The Mexican and The Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood.  If he finds either playing on cable he will instantly start laughing and with The Mexican he starts chanting Ellll Caaamino.  Of course he loves sci-fi and John Wayne but what man doesn't? I swear he has watched The Matrix and Lord of the Rings a million times.  Sci-fi and I aren't friends, thank goodness he shares this love with the boys!!!  

The movies below to me are classics.  We own them and watch them more often than we should.  Boring evening with nothing else on and Lawyer will grab one of these and before we know it we are both quoting the movie before it even starts to play. 

Steel Magnolias

"I don't trust her.  I don't trust anyone who does their own hair."

"I'm not as sweet as I used to be."

"A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste."

"I'm not crazy, I've just been a very bad mood for 40 years."

"When it comes to pain and suffering she's right up there with Elizabeth Taylor."

"I love ya more than my luggage."

"You are too twisted for color TV."

"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize."  

The Proposal

"The witch is on her broom."

"It's like Christmas in a cup."

"Do you prefer Margaret or Satan's mistress?"

Margaret ... "What am I allergic to?"
Andrew ... "Pine nuts and the full spectrum of human emotion."

Sweet Home Alabama

"Look at you, you have a baby ... in a bar."

"The truth is I gave away my heart a long time ago, my whole heart, and I never really got it back."

"You can't ride two horses with one ass Sugarbean."

"Well aren't you just a big fat liar?"

Mr and Mrs Smith

"Your aim's as bad as your cooking sweetheart ... and that's saying something!"

Counselor ... "How often do you have sex?"
Jane ... "I don't understand the question."

Jane ... "Any last words?"
John ... "The new curtains are hideous".

"I can't believe I brought my real parents to our wedding."

What are your all time favorites?


Lawyer's Iphone

He sent this photo to his best friend ... who happens to be a woman and who I can definitely see acting just like this!!

This morning I uploaded photos from Lawyer's Iphone.  He had taken quite a few photos of the kids from the creek at the National Park behind our neighborhood and I wanted to load them into my laptop.  It was easier to upload all of his photos then try to pick and chose.  I just uploaded and then deleted all of the ones I wasn't interested in keeping.

Um.  Yep ... that is my husband home from law school.  And yes ... he still acts like that.

Couple of things I learned about him.  First, he takes a photo of his parking space each and every time he flies out of Atlanta.  When he returns he simply looks in his photo stream and knows exactly where he parked.  Pretty smart.  

Sunset he saw while flying.  He looooves to take photos of sunsets.  So much so that he broke his hand two summers ago doing just that.

Second, when I send him out looking for something for me he takes a photo of the product he is hunting.  When he finds it at the store he just compares the found product to the photo he took at home and then he knows he has the right item.  Very smart.  Saves him from having to return it and chose again.

Lastly, he saves a lot of things to his phone.  Some things he finds on Facebook and some things he spots on his travels.  Most of them are hilarious.  I spent quite a bit of time this morning just laughing as I scrolled through them.  I found a few I could share here with you.  Ps ... you should know Lawyer is a very conservative Republican.  Basically Alex P. Keaton.  And he isn't afraid to tell anyone.  

(Disclaimer ... none of the photos below were meant to insult at all.)

He swears this is our youngest.  I tend to agree.  When she gets mad its best to steer clear!

He is an attorney working in house for an engineering and architectural firm.  He loves to talk about Engineers. 

This is the perfect rendition of our children.

He saw it and he saved it.  Yet he still tries this.  Hmmm ... 

Enjoy your weekend!




I am a sucker for gingham or basically anything plaid.  I am well aware that gingham is not plaid ... but it feels all the same to me!!

Since I am currently working on my summer wardrobe I have been researching some new gingham duds.  I LOOOVE an oxford (or a woven if you have any retail training) and any color will do.  I currently own two gingham oxfords, black and royal blue and it is time to add more to my collection!  I luckily scored a navy blue gingham from Banana on clearance the other day.  I know ... navy and royal blue?  Of course!!!

I am thinking I will be picking up this one from JCrew ...  

Now if you know me well you know I do not like purple at all.  No ma'am ... not a fan!  However, this lavender seems to be pulling at me and I will be trying it out for size.  Think of the possibilities ... navy, white, black and possibly even yellow shorts.  Sounds pretty good to me!

I located this yellow camp yellow camp shirt on the Gap website but it is not listed in the shirts/blouses section.  And can we discuss the word "blouse"?  Does it creep anyone else out .. or just me?  Ugh ... I do not like that word at all.  Its like "slacks".  Creepy!!

Great ... that one will require some investigative reporting!

And, of course Ann Mashburn has the best and most beautiful selection, but I would expect nothing less.  She has navy, royal, purple, black, pink, grass green and a perfect orange.  Sigh ... but those will  surely bust my budget.  And then she has gingham d ring belts ... are you kidding me??  That whole store makes me happy!!!

Wish me luck ... I am off to finalize my summer wardrobe today and I will be sporting my black and white gingham which has a new addition ... a bright yellow monogram on the left chest!  I love its new look!!!

If you see me give me a squeeze!



Rain makes everything GREEN!!!

I love the color green.  There is not a shade of green I could not make work.  It's such a clean and happy color don't you think?  All the rain today and more on the plate for tomorrow makes me think of how green and lush the grass and plants will be.  Oh ... the amazing colors I will be greeted with after the rain!!

Here are some photos I discovered on the new Google ... aka Pinterest!  Seriously I think I go to Pinterest to hunt for things more than I do Google now.  Truly ... its a problem!

I would love to drive this beauty ... the kids and I would be playing punch buggy for hours!

Look at that color, the knob, the details ... I heart!

I want to paint the dresser in the basement this fabulous color ... or maybe get my painter to make it happen!!  That is probably the better plan.

This jacket is AH-mazing!

Really I am not sure what to talk about first ... the plates, the green island or that to die for ceiling!!!

This might be the perfect color green!  I think the color in this kitchen is brilliant!

Found this photo on the bestie's Pinterest page ... I have these lamps and ADORE them!!!

Who doesn't love green??

I hope I brightened your day!



Forecast calls for ... Joules

The weather man says today will be stormy!  I am usually not a fan of going out in a storm ... I would rather cozy up inside with a warm blanket, some popcorn and a movie.  But today I am excited to sport my new Joules wellies!

I had seen photos of these cuties but only recently saw them in person.  The entire time my friend and I were having lunch I was staring at her feet.  She had replaced the mustard ribbon with pink polka dot ribbon.  They were to die for!  It was all I could do not to knock her out and steal her boots.  If we only wore the same size!

At first I was sure I wanted red.  I mean red wellies ... it would be like Dorothy but with wellies.  

I scoured the website and they were out of my size.  It happens when you would probably fit the box better due to having such big feet.  Boo!!

Then I scored a navy pair on Ebay for half price.  Brand new!!!

Those babies arrived last week and I have been secretly praying for rain!  MHM is bummed her tennis lesson will be postponed due to weather ... but I am busy singing in the rain today with my new boots!!!



Sperry on the brain ...

I have had these in my sights for a while and now it is time to bite the bullet and make them mine!!  Last summer I wore the heck out of my polos and shorts, sporting it with popped colors and the Rainbow flip flops. I adored it and wore those Rainbows almost too much!  This year that same pair are looking quite tired and hopeless!
Hee hee ...

This year I am still clinging to my polo collection but also leaning to my oxford collection as well.  They are both perfectly me and perfectly preppy!!!  I am thinking it will be the go to outfit for the days of summer when I am transporting to swim team, summer school, soccer camp, tennis camp and Georgia Tech.

Add some cute jewelry and I will be ready for those girls lunches I so adore!

Perfectly paired with pears, a great watch, tortoise sunnies and a colorful bag!

What more does a girl need??

Oh .. I am sure I can make a long list.  Just not sure if any of them are qualified as needs!!



Bangle heaven!

I LOOOOVE the trend of stacking bracelets and bangles!  I mean really love it!  It's gotten to the point where I feel naked without at least two bangles on each arm.  Really ... its madness.  Who would wear just one bangle?  It feels like wearing just one earring.  

For me the love started back in the day when I first received my sterling silver charm bracelet.  I collected charms like mad.  I mean the more crap charms I had the better.  Went somewhere special ... needed a charm.  Liked something ... need another charm.  It was craziness and I loved it.  I still own the bracelet and still love to sport that noisiness when I am inspired to do so!

Then J Crew released their Lulu Frost bangles.  Holy hotpockets!  I feel madly in love and proceeded to collect all I wanted one by one until I scored the large black one on clearance for mere pennies compared to its original price!  So my arm basically looks like the photo above with the exception of the white (not a fan of its creamy color) and the larger navy (bestie scored that one).  

And then the Spring line of J Crew emerged.  I mean that arm ... seriously?  I will take it all!!!

Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific is my arm candy idol ... Every single post is filled with arm candy du jour!  I could go own for hours on end at my love of her style!  The photo above doesn't do her arm styling justice!

I almost feel sad when her newest post has her sporting just a few garnishings!!  

What will I do when the trend ends??  You will probably see me about town looking like a hobo sporting more arm candy than is deemed appropriate.  



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